How to get into the new music scene at inauguration 2018

President-elect Donald Trump is in the process of signing off on a series of major music acts, including a performance by a nude singer.

The concert is scheduled to take place at the Capitol Theatre on Jan. 20.

Trump is expected to sign a memorandum on Feb. 1 directing the Office of Management and Budget to allow artists to perform for the first time on the Mall.

That will come with a mandate to promote the inauguration as a “celebration of all Americans” and to preserve the historical legacy of the president.

The event will be held during the swearing-in ceremony, when the new president will be sworn in and take office.

“There are some things I can’t wait to tell you about,” Trump said in his inaugural address, in which he thanked “my talented and talented, all Americans who put on the dress for our nation’s first inauguration.”

He then introduced a number of performers, including the naked singer, who performed during the inauguration in 2015.

“This inauguration is a celebration of all America,” the singer said.

“It’s the inauguration that I wanted.

This is the inauguration we have dreamed of and we will dream of again.” “

The inauguration is the celebration for all the people who fought, died, and marched for their freedom and their future.

This is the inauguration we have dreamed of and we will dream of again.”

The singer said she chose to perform at the inauguration because she felt “a certain connection to America.”

She did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The singer also did not respond to requests for comment from the Journal.