How to get rid of the ‘Duck’ songs

With the news of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson getting a taste of fame, many people are looking to get out of their comfort zones and find their voice in music.

But there are a few rules and guidelines for new artists to follow to get their music noticed.

Here are 10 rules for the new song that got Robertson kicked off “DUCK DUCK HOME.”1.

Get a big hit.

Get big hits in the mainstream, but there’s a fine line between getting a hit and getting stuck in the same song.

“There’s only so much time you can dedicate to the song you’re working on,” said the rapper.

“So it really comes down to, is it going to get you noticed and have a good time, or is it just going to make you the most famous person in the world?”2.

Keep your head down.

It’s not as if the new artist is going to be doing all the talking in a day or a week.

“You’re not going to start getting a lot of press and people are going to want to write about you,” Robertson said.

“It’s more of an opportunity to have a nice quiet day, write songs and have fun.”3.

Don’t be afraid to change the theme.

“I don’t like to say too much about my songs,” Robertson told Fox News.

“Sometimes I’ll change it up, sometimes I’ll just put it in a different way.

It depends on what I feel like doing, what my mood is like.”4.

Get creative.

The most famous “Ducks” song is “I Want You Back,” which has been a staple of the show since its premiere.

“We’ve seen people sing that song on the air and I’ve always liked it because it has such a nice pop, but sometimes I like to take it a step further,” Robertson explained.

“Maybe it’s the way I feel or maybe it’s a song that I’ve never heard before or a song I’ve sung in my life, and I go, ‘Oh yeah, this is my first song that’s gonna be a hit.'”5.

Take a break.

If you’re tired of the same old song over and over, you might want to find something new.

“Dynasty” was canceled after just three seasons, but Robertson said it was possible to get back to something fresh and different.

“There are times I feel that we have a show that we’re really going to go out on and do new things,” Robertson joked.

“Just be creative.”6.

Be authentic.

As a performer, Robertson has always maintained that being authentic is the most important part of music.

“The thing that’s been the most fun for me is that I’m just trying to be who I am,” he said.

And while the new songs may not have a clear theme, he’s always kept his authentic attitude.

“If I want to be a part of something, I want it to be good and I want people to know who I really am,” Robertson stated.7.


You can’t win.

“Don’t try to be so much like me and not be real,” Robertson warned.

“Because I want my music to be real.

It just makes me feel good to have that part of me be on the show.

I think that’s what really gets people to tune in.”8.

Take the world with you.

The “Dudes” singer said he likes to stay in touch with fans, especially the women who he grew up listening to.

“When you’re a rapper, you have to be in the music,” Robertson noted.

“People are always texting me and saying, ‘I heard your music, I heard your show.

It made me wanna do this.'”9.

Do your homework.

“Every time I was a kid, my parents would always ask me what I wanted to do with my life,” Robertson admitted.

“They would tell me what kind of music I wanted, what kind they wanted to see me do, and where I wanted me to go on vacation.”

Robertson’s first album was a collection of songs that were inspired by a different time in his life, which is why he was so interested in writing about that time.

“My music is all about the journey,” Robertson wrote.

“That’s why I’m interested in it.”10.

Be thankful for the opportunity.

If the song is going nowhere, be thankful for every opportunity you get to be heard.

“Hopefully, the people who hear it will be inspired and I’ll be able to continue to have success,” Robertson added.

“But for me, that’s all I’m looking for.”