What the media wants you to know about Beyonce and the Kardashians

What the mainstream media wants people to know is that the Kardashian sisters are really the most famous pop singer in the world.

They are on TV all the time, and they are worth tens of millions of dollars.

They have millions of followers, which means that if they are in a country, they will be photographed with people of their own country and then they will go to the country and perform and sell their music.

The Kardashians are also known for their style.

They dress up as their favorite actors and actresses.

They make videos of themselves and then do interviews.

They do some really cool things.

If you are going to go to a country and meet these people and be photographed, they are going for it.

I am not a fan of these people.

I think they should go back to their own countries.

The most famous of these celebrities are the Kardashies.

They’ve been on television for two years.

They don’t do much of anything.

They play golf.

They get to meet people of the opposite gender.

They go to parties.

They’re on social media.

You know what I mean?

It’s all very superficial and it doesn’t really mean anything.

The fact that they are on television and have millions and millions of fans, I think that they should just get their own passports and come back to where they belong.

I don’t think they deserve any special treatment.

They should be allowed to be who they are.

They haven’t done anything wrong.

They got to live their lives like everybody else.

But I think the media should be more interested in their reality show, because they are really popular, and their show is really popular.

This is what the media has been asking us for the last two years: Do you want to see a reality show with this group of people?

They’ve had so many hits.

They can’t stop doing it.

It’s a phenomenon.

And the media loves that.

So when they come up with a new show, they try to put all of this pressure on you and say, ‘We’re going to make you an overnight sensation.’ But I don´t think that it is possible for the Kardashia sisters to be an overnight success, because I don`t think the public really wants to see them.

They may be famous and famous, but they are just not very well known.

You can watch the show, but it isn’t a very good show.

You cannot see the Kardashias on the big screens.

It is like watching the Kardashie reality show in a movie theater.

That doesn’t mean that the movie theater is bad.

They just don` t look very nice.

You just can see the Kardashian sisters on television all the fucking time.

They know that people will be watching them, and you are just trying to stay away from them, because you want the Kardashys to do well.

You want them to have their success, but you don’t want them all to be famous.

I have never seen a single television program that they have ever been on.

I mean, you can see their show, and it is very entertaining, but the reality is that they don’t know how to make their own money.

They never do, they never have any money.

That is what they are doing.

They want to do reality shows all the way through.

They feel that they deserve to be on TV.

That`s what they feel.

I believe that this is the way that the world should be, that they will get their success.

I`ve been watching them for years.

I watched them on TV, but I never thought they would have their own reality show.

They thought that it would be good to have a celebrity like them on television, because it would make the Kardashiyas more famous.

So they put all this pressure, and that pressure has been successful, because the Kardashiiys are famous and they have millions.

They had a big hit.

They were famous and were in the headlines.

They became the biggest stars in the history of television.

Now they have a reality TV show.

I really think that this will be the end of this.

I just don´ t think that the public will really want to watch their reality shows.

I know that I will not have a great life if I have to be surrounded by the Kardashion sisters all the day.

They will not be able to have my life.

I would rather have someone else to live with.

They say that they do their best and they make their money doing that.

That just is not true.

The reality is, the reality has nothing to do with what they do.

They work very hard, and if you want them, you have to do what they say.

I do not believe that it makes any difference.

You should not be doing that, because their fame is nothing but a very superficial image.

I always thought that the reality show should be different.

I like that they said that they wanted to go back home