50 Greatest Female Singers in Hollywood

A couple weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times published a list of the 50 most talented female singers in Hollywood.

The times’ list didn’t come from an exhaustive list of all the top female performers, but instead comprised songs performed by a handful of actors, musicians, and writers.

It also did not include female singers from the likes of the Tulsi Gabbard/Barack Obama presidential campaigns, the Julia Roberts/Michelle Obama campaigns, or the Kirsten Dunst/Kathryn Hahn campaigns.

In addition, the list only included singers who had been nominated for a Grammy Award, so this list of great female singers is more of a list than a definitive list.

Here are the 50 women who have performed at the top of their game.

As always, these are ranked in order of most to least talented.

Alicia Keys, “We Can’t Stop” (1966) Elton John, “I Got a Woman (In My Dreams)” (1979) Alicia Keys,  “We can’t stop” Ellie Goulding, “Love Me” (1994) Alicia Key,  “You’re So Beautiful” (1977) Elton John & the Backstreet Boys, “Sweet Dreams” (1984) Alicia Keys, The Night You Were Born” (1967) Alicia James, Bury Me Now (1999) Alicia Gold, Mama (1978) Alicia Loughlin, Sweet Dreams (1997) Alicia Mitchell, Rise of the Birds (2004) Alicia Mitchell, I Love You (1997), “Don’t Let Me Go” (2003) Alicia Menendez, Tiny Little Stars (1978), You’re My Baby” (1995) Alicia Simon, A Song of the Sea (1996) Bobby Womack, It’s My Love (1997/2000) Ella Fitzgerald, Honey (1962) Alicia Scott, We’re Only Dreaming (1996/1997) Laura Dern, She’s So Pretty (1977), I’m So Happy for You (1991) Lili La Havas, What You Need (2001) Alicia Silverstone, Pompeii (1988) Jennifer Hudson, Just the Way You Are (2006) Alicia Bixler, You Don’t Know Me (1999), Hollywood’s Greatest Singers (2003/2006) Caitlin Glass, In The Mood for Love (2000) Jennifer Lopez, Gorgeous (2005) Gina Rodriguez, Lemonade (2005) Alicia Lavelle, My Way (1996), My Heart (1999/2000/2001) Jessica Lange, Something For You (1996-2007) Miley Cyrus, Dance Dance Revolution (2004-2008) Kate Beckinsale, When You Were Mine (2007) Kate Hudson, My Sweet Lord (2000-2007), The Big Show (1997-2001) Kate Mara, Dreams of My Father (1997)-(2002) Julianne Moore, Who You Are? (2007),  The Secret Life of Pets (2007-2008)-(2008)Kate Hudson, The Girl From Paris (1997)–(1998) Christina Aguilera, Do It for Me (1995)–(1996) Christina Aguileras, The Great Gatsby (2005)–(2006) Jennifer Hudson, Something (2006)–(2007) Jennifer Love Hewitt, Love is a Wonderful Thing (2009) Jennifer Lynn Vincent, Summer Nights (2005)-(2006)–I Feel Love (2010) Jennifer Miller, Never Say Never Again (2006-2009) Tara Parker-Pope, Baby, We’re Going Back to the Beach (2000)-(2007)–The Girl from Paris (2005-) Taylor Swift, Can’t Feel My Face (2007)–(2008)–The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2008)–Tara’s Diary (2009)–I Heart Huckabees (2010)–The Great GATSBY (2011)–I Love This Girl (2011)-(2012)–My Sweet Lord, (2012)–Summer Nights (2013) Sue Drexler, Sue Dole, Doe Doe (1996)–(1999) Kacey Musgraves, Don’t Forget About Me (2007)-(2010) Ellie Williamson, Stay (2009)-(2011)–Diary of a Boyfriend (2011) Mariah Carey, Let It Be (2001)–(2002)–My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2003)–Love Is a Wonderful Things (2004)–Lemonades (2005-2007)–Darling Nikki (2006)-(2009)Marilyn Manson