Australian Women’s Heritage Band ‘s First Female Composer is a Transgender Artist

A female Australian band has released a track that is being hailed as the first female composer to ever perform with the Australian National Opera.

The Australian Women of Heritage band, which includes a vocalist and an instrumentalist, is part of the Australian Opera’s International Women’s Day celebrations and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

In a video posted on the band’s official Facebook page, the singer and bassist, Tania Molloy, said they had wanted to create music for the past three years and this year was their year.

“I have always been a singer,” Mollox said in the video.

“I was a singer in a band, and it was all about making music.”

Molloy’s music is the first by an Australian female composer who has had a female role model in a music genre she loves.

She said she wanted to give voice to a diverse range of voices within the Australian music scene and encourage younger people to be proud of their cultural heritage and musical heritage.

The band is also celebrating the 20th year since it began performing with the International Women of Music, Arts and Dance.

In their video, the band members sing the song “Climb Up” and Mollory explained that it was her first time performing with an orchestra.

“This song has a very traditional feel to it,” she said.

“It’s an old-school type of song, but with a modern feel.”

Mollsoy, who is also a writer and an opera singer, said she hoped to bring the Australian women’s music movement forward and make a statement about equality.

“It’s so important to be able to sing and dance together, because if we don’t we won’t be able see anything happening,” she added.

There are so many talented people from all different backgrounds singing and dance, and if we’re not all sharing the same spirit, we’re missing out.”