Former ‘American Idol’ contestant says her mother’s mask is still in her closet

Former “American Idol” contestant Amber Rose says her mom’s mask was still in the closet.

In an interview with “The View” Rose said she had the mask in her bedroom for more than a decade, and when she moved out, she found it in her new home in Florida.

Rose, 21, told host Jodie Tuohy that she has had two parents, both of whom were born male.

She said her mother is transgender, and her father was born a woman, but she is happy she has her mask, even if it has a male name on it.

“I just want to be myself and have that identity,” she said.

“It’s just so simple.

I feel like I’m doing everything I can to have that, and it’s just that I have to go with what’s in my head.”

Rose’s mother, Sarah, said she does not want to use her name or identify as female, and she has changed her last name to Amber to protect her privacy.

“My mom is transgender and I don’t want her to have to deal with a lot of things that may be confusing or confusing her as a mother,” she told Tuohya.

“But I want her privacy to be respected and that’s what she’s trying to do.”

Rose is the latest in a line of transgender people who have found their own voices on television.

Last year, former “Boys Don’t Cry” contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed her transition to female in a show on “The Talk.”

The “American Dad” actor, who had previously spoken out about being bullied at school, also told “The Mark” in October that he had transitioned to female.

“It was a really difficult time in my life,” Bristowe said.

Bristowe’s transition has been featured on “Bachelor in Paradise” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In the show, Bristowe has also been seen dressing in women’s clothing and makeup.

In February, “Bachelorette” winner Chris Soules said he would be “out of the closet” if he married another woman.