How to Make a Girl’s Name With a Video of Her on YouTube

Female metal singers can’t sing.

But that’s OK.

There’s an alternative: A YouTube video of them doing so.

The video was created by a band called Girls Rock, which describes itself as “a collection of talented, independent female musicians who are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable and fun in female music.”

You can watch a trailer for the video here, and the band’s Facebook page has also posted the video to its page.

The girls sing about how their favorite female metal singer is called “the coolest girl in the world” and how she’s “an inspiration to every girl in this world.”

The band’s YouTube page has already amassed over 2.2 million views, and it has received over 8,000 likes.

And it’s definitely one of the more popular videos of all time.

It has received more than 11 million views in less than two weeks.

Now, Girls Rock is using its YouTube channel to get more girls into metal.

The band is asking fans to upload the videos and use them to spread the word about their band.

“We’re using it to spread awareness for Girls Rock,” frontman and guitarist Amanda Zink told The Washington Post.

“It’s an incredible way for the band to spread its message and hopefully encourage other girls to find their true calling as a metal band.”

To see if you can get your hands on the Girls Rock video, here’s how to find one on YouTube.

How to Get Girls Rock to Upload Your Video to Their Channel The band told The Post that they want the videos to get a lot of views to help the band “expand its reach and reach out to more girls in the future.”

The Girls Rock YouTube page says the band has already been in contact with girls in schools, universities and other public spaces, as well as in other metal bands.

They said the girls they’ve gotten so far have been “very excited about it and very excited about their next album.”

They’re also working with the Metal Girls of Color Coalition to “educate young girls on how to be empowered as women.”

The metal band’s other videos on YouTube include one of its members, guitarist Ashley Johnson, making a “punchline” video about female fans who don’t want to be “banned.”

And, last year, frontman Amanda Zuck wrote a song about a woman who is “disgusted with me, because I’m female.”

“I can see how you’re all mad that I didn’t make that song,” she wrote.

“But I’m just so happy that I can make this song because I don’t think there’s a woman in metal who doesn’t want a female metal song.

I think that we’re so in love with our music that we need to get out there and share it.”

The group has also written music for GirlsRock, such as a track called “Girl’s Rock,” which features a group of girls singing about the power of female musicians.

The group says that they plan to continue producing music and releasing albums.

You can find Girls Rock’s YouTube channel here.