How to watch Saudi Arabia’s ‘Babes of the Desert’ concert live, on ESPNCricInfo

Saudi Arabia is going to a concert for the first time in its history, with female singers performing songs from the Arabian Nights and Arabian Nights: The Book of the Dead, the latest installment of the country’s popular television series.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his wife, Crown Princess Nayef, are due to perform on May 13.

The show, dubbed the “Babest of the Dunes,” is the first of the Arabian Night series, a mash-up of musical styles, with songs from Arabic, Persian and other genres.

The event is also scheduled to include the countrys first female singer, the singer-songwriter Faysal Al-Sudani, who is known for her work on Al Jazeera English.

Saudi Arabia will also be holding its first-ever concert for women in 2017.

The event, which is being billed as a celebration of “the diversity of culture and religion,” is being held in the royal palace.

The new show, titled “Babies of the Sands,” is scheduled to begin with “My Baby” by Iranian singer Mina Aslani, which will be performed on May 12 and will be followed by the title song “Shadows of the Night” by Turkish singer Nafisa Gormez.