‘I Love You, Daddy’ Star: ‘I’m Jewish, My Parents Are Jewish, And My Family Has Jewish Values’

In the midst of a heated presidential election campaign, a small group of Latino stars are expressing their faith in a new song that has already become a cultural touchstone: “I Love you, Daddy.”

The video, which has already been viewed more than a million times on YouTube, is an homage to the late-20th century Spanish-American singer Jose Antonio López Rivera.

The video stars the stars of El Rey Network’s El Rey Latino and El Rey Unido Latino, as well as actors Javier Munoz, María Elisa Cárdenas, José Guadalupe Sánchez and Luis Garcia.

“The song is really about the importance of the Jewish people and its history in the world,” said Cándenas.

“It’s a very important song for a lot of Latino people because it has an important message of respect, of love, of community.”

The song was created by the producers of El Rosario and the creators of the El Rey network, who have collaborated on a number of other videos that feature Latino actors.

The collaboration between the two networks has been a success.

Last month, the network celebrated its 100th episode with an animated series titled “I Have My Own Queer Family.”