India’s biggest songwriters in the US to sing for Trump

More than 100 Indian singers will perform for President Donald Trump during his first foreign trip to India this week, including some of the country’s biggest artists.

Singers from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, among others, will perform during the 45-day visit to the US, where Trump will tour a new golf resort and deliver a speech to an Indian community conference.

Trump will hold bilateral meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, and Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley.

He will hold another round of bilateral meetings in Washington, D.C., in April, where he will address the National Governors Association.

The Indian artists will perform at the American Embassy in New Delhi.

They will also hold a concert at the National Theatre in Washington on April 18.

The musicians who have previously played with the US military will also perform in the State of the Union address.

The artists include members of the Indian pop band Bollywood, who will perform with the National Anthem at the inauguration of the president.

Bollywood is a family-friendly genre of music that has emerged in recent years and is seen as part of the larger Indian diaspora.

The US Army, which has played a large role in India’s foreign policy, has welcomed Indian artists to perform in its ceremonies.

Last month, a group of Indian soldiers, including former Navy SEALs, sang the national anthem at the swearing-in ceremony of Trump as the nation’s 42nd president.

The Army will also host a concert featuring the American singers.