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More than 50 years ago, when I was a child, my family went to the Gurdwaras in the city of Agra.

It was a religious festival and there was a procession from the temple in the morning.

It started at noon and the procession was held for the whole day.

After the procession, the women singers came and performed songs.

At noon, my father and I sat in the shade of a coconut tree and listened to the music of our elders.

We were only 12 years old and I was only 13.

I remember it like a dream.

I remember sitting there and I just sat there thinking, This is how my life should have been, how my childhood would have been.

I didn’t want to be a part of it.

I wanted to be part of the family of the Gwaliori, who were the singers of that time.

The tradition is that there were four generations of the women and the Gharvans are the oldest.

The women singers would come to the temple to perform.

I was always proud of being a Gwalori.

When I was very young, my mother used to say, My daughter is the first girl to sing for the Gauri.

It’s a saying that means, ‘My daughter is a good girl’.

It’s the same when we are singing in Agra today.

When I was in Agras family, the Gauris were very religious people and they would pray together every night.

They would sing the songs of the gods, and we would go out to pray.

They used to sing hymns every day.

It became a tradition that we would recite the prayers and sing songs.

When we were young, we used to go to the temples and listen to the singing of the gharvas.

I used to watch them and I knew they were great singers.

My parents used to listen to them and my father would sing them songs as a child.

I knew that my father was singing and singing to the Gods.

When he was in his 80s, he asked my mother if she would like to perform with him.

She said yes and she sang the Gaura songs for him.

My mother sang the songs for my father.

I think that my mother was very proud of him.

When we were in Agrah, my parents used as a tradition to sing the song.

There was a time when they used to bring the singers and the gauris and sing together.

My grandmother, my aunt and my uncle were all in attendance and they sang.

I don’t remember if they sang for the other Gauras or for me.

My father’s mother sang, too.

I can remember my father saying to my mother, ‘Gharva, Gharva.

Gharvas are my brothers and sisters, Gauru.

I would like for you to sing my father’s songs.’

My mother asked my father if he was really singing the songs.

He said, ‘Of course, my wife has told me to do so.

I know my wife will sing them for me.’

I was 12 years of age and I wanted my father to sing them.

I sang them in the Gurgam Singh Sabha.

It had become a tradition in Agarah that all the Gurvas should sing together as a family.

It would be my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather.

When my father started singing, he didn’t sing for my mother and my mother sang.

My grandfather and grandfather sang together.

When my father died, my maternal grandfather and father were still singing the Guru songs.

When they died, all three sang together for my maternal father.

My maternal grandfather said, Gura, Gurgum, Gauri, Gurum.

My paternal grandfather said Gaur, Garum, Gurum.

When the song of my maternal grandmother died, she said Gauri gurum, and when the song for my paternal grandfather died, he said Guru gurumi.

When both the Gurus died, they sang together in the assembly of Agrah.

My uncle, my uncle’s brother, sang together with my maternal uncle.

I can remember him singing and it was very touching.

It felt very special to me.

When people sang, the singers used to sit in front of the temple, which was the entrance.

They sang for a long time and there would be lots of songs and prayers.

I always sat behind my parents and I remember sitting on the temple and praying.

I sat with my parents, my grandparents and my aunt in front.

When it was my turn, my grandmother sang and when my mother sung, my paternal grandmother sang.

I used to hear the songs in the evening.

I couldn’t wait to listen and I loved listening to the songs, singing with my friends, the music and the singing.

My parents were very devout and had a tradition of singing the music at the