‘This is a new era’: Mexican music fans celebrate ‘great music’ at the Grammy awards

The National’s Mezcalón is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a new lineup of singers, including singer-songwriters Carmen Carrera, Jadakiss, and DJ Mez, in a tribute to the Mexican singer and songwriter, El Chupacabra.

Carrera, whose song “Parañaque” won the 1997 Grammy for best Latin American Pop song, sang “La Pasion,” which is about a woman who is a prostitute.

The song was released in 1990.

The group announced the performance with a video, showing Mezcala dancing on stage with the band in a rendition of “Pasañaque.”

The performance was a huge hit on social media, with more than 50,000 views on Twitter.

On the other hand, the group did not announce a new song, with the announcement being made on Instagram.

The Grammy ceremony will take place Feb. 25 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.