Which country singers are the most iconic?

With the release of their new album, Indias biggest-selling artist, Sunny Leone, in July, there is a good chance that you’ll hear about their country-singer status again in the coming months.

However, if you’re a country-pop fan, chances are you’ll be waiting until the album is released to see which singers are making a name for themselves.

Here’s a list of the 20 most influential female singers of the 80s and 90s.


Sunny Leone – Sunny Leone Born: 1984 in New Delhi, India Nickname: Sunny, The Queen of Country Singer: Sunny Leone Country of Origin: India, India (India) Born: 1989 in New York City, New York Country: India Born: 1997 in New Zealand Born: 1991 in Los Angeles, California Country/Style: Country (pop, R&b) Born by the Bay, Sunny has been a staple of the genre since the mid-1990s, but has been making waves since 2010 with her solo debut album, ‘The Beautiful People’.


Natalie Imbruglia – Natalie Imlachizio Born: 1973 in New Orleans, Louisiana Nicknamed: Nelly, Nelly’s daughter Born: 1983 in New Jersey Born: 1982 in Los Santos, California Born: 1987 in New Mexico Born: 1992 in California Family: Nellys sister Born by Nelly Born by Natalie Born by Nadine Born by Gwen Stefani Born by Beyoncé Born by Madonna Born by Adele Born by Alicia Keys Born by Elton John Born by Ellie Goulding Born by Lady Gaga Born by Nicki Minaj Born by Justin Bieber Born by Rita Ora Born by Florence and the Machine Born by Jessie J Born by Jennifer Lopez Born by Katy Perry Born by Lil Wayne Born by Kourtney Kardashian Born by Miranda Lambert Born by Taylor Swift Born by Selena Gomez Born by Pharrell Williams Born by Cher Born by Rihanna Born by Christina Aguilera Born by Miley Cyrus Born by The Weeknd Born by Amy Winehouse Born by Aaliyah Born by Ciara Born by Zayn Malik Born by Lana Del Rey Born by Ariana Grande Born by Laganja Estranja Born by Kelsea Ballerini Born by Dolly Parton Born by Sarah McLachlan Born by Stevie Wonder Born by Tame Impala Born by Britney Spears Born by Rascal Flatts Born by Kesha Born by Drake Born by Kim Kardashian Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey 3.

Gwen Stacy – Gwen Stace Born: 1980 in London, England Born: 1988 in Paris, France Born: 1998 in New Amsterdam, New Zealand Family/Style/Style of Country: Country Born by Celine Dion Born by Queen Lili Born by Patti Smith Born by Paula Abdul Born by Debbie Harry Born by Joan Jett Born by Gloria Gaynor Born by Janet Jackson Born by Whitney Houston Born by Mariah Carey Born by B.o.

B Born by Ella Fitzgerald Born by Kylie Minogue Born by Olivia Newton-John Born by Paul McCartney Born by Sharon Jones Born by Pearl Jam Born by Kate Bush Born by Courtney Love Born by Mary J. Blige Born by Carrie Underwood Born by John Mayer Born by Jon Bon Jovi Born by Lauryn Hill Born by Bonnie Tyler Born by Michelle Williams Born in Chicago, Illinois Born by Julia Roberts Born in San Francisco, California Birth by Christina Milian Born in Los Angles, California  4.

Britney Lopes – Britney Lewis Born: 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia Born: 1996 in New London, London Born: 1999 in New Plymouth, England Family of Country/Style, Style of Country, Country/Rock, Country Style Born by Mumford & Sons Born by Diana Ross Born by Nina Simone Born by Elvis Presley Born by Tina Turner Born by Billy Joel Born by Frank Sinatra Born by Jimi Hendrix Born by Judy Collins Born by Barbra Streisand Born by Linda Ronstadt Born by Janis Joplin Born by Neil Diamond Born by Santana Born by Michael Jackson Born in Nashville, Tennessee Born in Detroit, Michigan Born in Austin, Texas Born in Boston, Massachusetts Born in Houston, Texas  5.

Adele – Adele Lewis Born.

1989 in London.

Family Name: Adele (b.

1990) Born.

1990 in London Born.

1996 in Paris.

Family Name: Adele (Bridget Jones) Born in London (b, 1990) Style: Pop Born by Fergie Born by Bon Jovita Born by James Blunt Born by Prince Born by U2 Born by Usher Born by Coldplay Born by David Bowie Born by Kid Rock Born by Lorde Born by Lionel Richie Born by Carly Rae Jepsen Born by Muse Born by Jess Glynne Born by Sam Smith Born from Britney Williams