Which singers are best at their roles?

Posted by ABC News on September 22, 2018 04:20:24 The 80s has never been more relevant than it is today.

There is an overwhelming passion for pop, rock, and hip-hop.

But with this decade’s popularity comes a heightened interest in what the 80s meant to the pop and rock world.

From the 80’s era to today, these are some of the most iconic, recognizable, and popular 90s pop and music acts.

Here are the top 80s 80s pop stars of all time.


Katy Perry Katy Perry is a superstar.

Katy’s popularity soared when she first came to the world, and it’s never been matched since.

After becoming a superstar, Perry was able to maintain her popularity through the 80′s and 90′s.

With her signature pop hits, such as “California Gurls” and “Love Me Do,” Perry became a pop star that people could relate to. 2.

Katy and Friends Katy Perry and Katy Bush are best known for their hit “California Guv,” which became an anthem for a certain generation.

Katy has since released albums such as the Katy Perry album, Katy Perry: The Real Truth, Katy’s Most Beautiful Years, Katy: The Year of the American Dream and Katy Perry, the Most Beautiful Girl Alive.

Katy continues to release albums as Katy Perry.

Katy also has the most hits of any pop singer with more than 3.5 billion, according to Nielsen SoundScan.


Kylie Minogue Kylie is one of the greatest modern pop stars.

Her songs are often about love, life and overcoming obstacles.

She was the youngest member of the pop trio The Chainsmokers, and she is one the youngest members of the group to reach the top five of the Billboard Hot 100.


Rihanna Rihanna is best known as the world’s hottest single.

Rihana has been making music since she was 12 years old, and now has more than 20 million fans.

She is a platinum-selling artist, and is currently the world champion in the Divas division of the Miss Universe contest.


Lady Gaga Gaga’s breakout hit, “Born This Way,” is one song that has been synonymous with the pop culture world since it was released in 2003.

Lady has always been an entertainer, and her songs are infectious and inspirational.

Her hit single “Dancing in the Dark” has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and on Lifetime.


Ladye Ladye has been one of our favorite pop stars for years.

Lady had a hit album, Lady, with the song “Dance for Me,” that has won multiple awards and has been certified platinum.

She has also appeared on television, on the cover of Rolling Stone, and on her own reality show.


Alicia Keys Alicia Keys is a singer and actress who has gained fame and fortune from her hits such as No Limit and She’s the One.

Keys has been a vocal advocate for sexual violence awareness, and has recently launched a nonprofit called, No Limits.

She also has a Grammy Award for Best Female Solo Performance.


Selena Gomez Selena is an American singer-songwriter, songwriter, and actress.

She first gained national fame in 2009 when she released her debut album, Selena.

She’s released four albums since then, including Selena, which was nominated for the Academy Awards in 2010.

She earned her Grammy Award in 2016 for Best Song for “Swing It.”


Nicki Minaj The only female to be awarded the Grammy for Album of the Year, Nicki has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

She won two Grammys, and was named Best Hip-Hop Artist at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Minaj is also a certified platinum-certified artist, with her first album, No Limit, earning her Grammy in 2016.


Katy Bell Katy Bell is one-half of pop duo Katy Perry & The Magnetic Zeros.

Perry and Zeros have sold more songs than any other duo.

The duo won two Grammy Awards, as well as the 2016 Billboard Music Award for Song of the Century.


Lady GaGa Lady GaGae is an iconic 90s singer-actress who rose to fame in the late 90s with the hit single, “Just One More.”

GaGa has been nominated for several awards including the 2016 Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Artist.


Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilara is a popular Latin singer-guitarist, singer-vocalist, and songwriter.

She received a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Female Vocal Performance in 2017.


Selma Hayek Selma has been an icon for decades.

She rose to prominence in the early 90s and later made her mark with her hit “Love is a Battlefield.”

She has won several awards for her songs, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Comedy Series.

14. Amy Wine