A new era for the 60s singers

We know the singer is still around.

We know she has a big fanbase.

We don’t know exactly how big.

But we do know the world is finally ready to hear her.

The singer’s new album, A New Era for the 1960s, will be released on October 18th.

And if you’ve heard the name Lady Marmalade Singers, it’s a new album.

But it’s not a new artist.

The album is the work of six artists who were born in the 60th century: Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Roberta Flack.

The albums’ lyrics are written from the perspective of those who made them and the songs are the work not of a superstar.

And the artist is a woman, with a voice that’s more modern than the soprano-soprano era.

This new album is a tribute to those artists who have helped us move beyond our musical, political, and social divisions and to celebrate a time of celebration, celebration of music and life and love.

We asked these six artists, and the listeners, to share their memories and perspectives on the 60S.