Australian singer-songwriter ‘in shock’ over death of her friend

AUSTRALIA has become a new country with a new girl singer, who died in hospital from complications of her lung infection.

Actress Lily Allen died after suffering a severe lung infection at the age of 20, the Australian Medical Association has confirmed.

Lily, who appeared in shows including The Great Gatsby, The Great Escape and The Girl From Shanghai, was the youngest of five children.

She performed in the Royal Australian Air Force, Australia’s first ever female band, and also starred in The Great Girl and The Great Train Robbery, both of which earned her a place in the Australian Film Institute’s Best New Australian Film Award.LILY’S family issued a statement on Saturday, saying they were devastated and heartbroken.

Lilies sister, Rebecca, said she and Lily were close, and loved each other so much.

She said Lily was an amazing person and a talented singer and that the loss was devastating for everyone.

“Lily had a beautiful soul and an amazing talent for making music and writing songs,” she said.

“She was such a joy to be around and we will miss her so much.”

Actress Amy Lee said she was devastated by Lily’s death.

“It’s just a horrible day,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I just couldn’t believe it and it’s a real loss.”

Acting teacher of children’s books and author of a children’s book, Sally Allen, said Lily had made an impact on her.

“Her energy and passion was infectious and she was a wonderful, wonderful, generous person,” she added.

“And the last time I saw her she was doing something that I had never seen her do, singing in a church choir.”

Lily was diagnosed with pneumonia at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in February 2016, and died on April 1, 20 years after being admitted.LIVE BLOG: Australia’s best new country songs