How the NFL’s biggest stars sing their favorite songs

AUSTIN — It’s not exactly the kind of song you might expect to hear from a superstar like Alicia Keys or Beyonce, but the Atlanta Braves star sang her way through a new song with a chorus that includes the words “I want my hair” and “I’ll be back.”

Key and her fellow Atlanta Braves players joined in on the chorus with a video of Keys’ “I Want My Hair” playing on a radio station in 2010.

The song has been performed by Keys on her many TV shows and in her movie, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

Keys and her partner, Jaden Smith, wrote the lyrics to “I Wanted My Hair.”

It’s a catchy tune that’s been played over and over and in almost every public setting in which it’s been heard, including a performance of it at the Super Bowl halftime show.

“I think the best way to describe this song is that it’s kind of a classic pop song, but it’s also very political,” Keys said Wednesday on SiriusXM radio.

“I’m a pretty political person and I think that the song is very political, and I know that I will always be a political person.”

The song is based on Keys’ experience as a child in New Orleans during the Katrina flooding.

Keys said she and Smith have been thinking about how to make it more politically conscious since she was a young girl and have found inspiration in the song’s title.

“It’s kind-of like a kind of anthem that speaks about the way we live our lives and it’s all about the future,” Keys told SiriusXM.

“And it’s just something that I feel is very important.”

She added, “I feel like the only way we can get ahead is by being the kindest and the most kind.”

The singer also said she wants her songs to be a platform for people to come out and share their stories.

“We know we’re going to be the voice for so many people,” Keys explained.

“We’re going be the voices that tell them that they can get help.

And we’re not going to let them go on their own.

And I think this song, that I’m working on, is going to give people a platform to tell their stories, and to get support and have support from other people who are going through something like that.”