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German women’s country singers have long had a reputation for being the country’s best, but new research suggests the same is not always the case.

According to researchers at the University of Cologne, the reason why German women are considered so good singers is because they don’t just sing well, they also do it in a style that appeals to their fans.

“Women’s music has long been seen as a male-dominated genre,” said lead researcher Joachim Fuchs, “but now we know that this stereotype may be wrong.”

Fuchs and his colleagues were interested in this particular issue because there are many German female singers who perform well in their own right.

But the research shows that they do it very differently from men.

“Our research showed that women have a different musical style to men, with different levels of vocal inflection,” Fuchs told Newsweek.

“They are more likely to sing in a feminine style.”

Faults of the feminine style Fuchs’ research is not just about women.

He also found that the same people who like female singers tend to like singing in a more feminine style than men.

For instance, in a survey of German female performers, he found that some women like singing more in a way that makes them sound more like a “girlie” singer.

He said that this is why they often perform in more feminine styles like German-language dance, singing in an elegant manner and singing in German.

But they also prefer to sing less feminine songs like country, pop, folk and rock, as well as traditional female-genre songs like opera.

He says the research is important because it helps us better understand the differences between male and female singers.

“What we can learn from the research on female singers is that a different style is the most attractive to people,” he said.

“The opposite is also true: the more feminine a singing style, the less attractive it is to people.”

Fuchs said the research also showed that there is a gender difference in how women are perceived as singers.

He found that women are less popular when they sing in the same style as men.

And while he found some evidence of this, he said that his research does not offer an explanation for this.

He is not saying that German women don’t like to sing well or don’t sing in that style, but that their music has been misrepresented.

Fuchs said he did find that German men and women tend to find the same songs appealing, which is why he and his team decided to conduct a study.

The researchers recruited 16 male and 16 female German performers and asked them to listen to 30 songs.

The participants were asked to rate each song on how they thought the song was performed.

“We wanted to know how women singers are perceived in general and how women’s music is perceived in particular,” he told Newsweek, “so we decided to measure their musical style.”

They listened to the songs and rated each song’s performance in three different ways: how it sounded, how it made people feel, and how it compared to male singers.

When the researchers compared the male and the female singers, they found that there was a strong gender difference.

Women who were rated as “more feminine” tended to be more successful when they sang songs that had a more masculine feel.

“But there was no difference between men and men in their ability to sing feminine songs,” Fuch, said.

Women, on the other hand, who were more feminine performed poorly.

The most popular female-dominated songs were country and country pop songs, which are popular in Germany, the study showed.

But Fuchs explained that this isn’t the case for all female singers as well.

“For example, a female singer might be very good at singing a song that has a more modern and more feminine feel, but she might also be good at playing a traditional German song, which has a less feminine feel,” he explained.

“So, you might have a female-led country band or a female country singer who might also have a feminine-led pop band, and all of these bands have a strong feminine sound, which means that their songs are not as successful.”

Fumbles findings are important because he believes the music industry needs to take a close look at its gender diversity.

“There’s a lack of understanding about the music market in Germany,” he added.

“If women don.t perform well, I don’t think we can expect to see the music scene change as much as we should.”

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