How to find the best albanians to sing in the UK

British albania singer and singer Ali G is one of the best performing British singers in the world.

Albania has been a major music producer for the last three decades and the country has a long history of music and dance.

Ali G has performed in the US, Canada and the UK and is the second highest grossing albaniana singer after singer Giorgos Kambounis.

Ali has sold over 50 million albums and has been nominated for multiple awards.

The UK albanias biggest selling album is The Sound of Silence.

The album has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide and has a global average sales of about 20 million.

The Sound Of Silence is Ali Gs most successful album to date, and is considered to be his most commercially successful.

Ali is currently in London for the UK albany awards, which he won for Best British Album and Best British Solo Performance.

Ali recently announced his new album The Sound Is Gone which is his most recent album, and will be released in the next two months.

Ali, who is also known for his songs on the band Giorgian, also released his first solo album, The Sound Was Gone, which was released on May 4.

The band will be performing at the London Palladium on July 1st.

Ali currently has over 50 albums under his belt and his most popular album to this day is The Song Is Gone.

The record has sold more than 200 million copies.

Ali’s music is highly sought after by musicians around the world and the international music industry.

His songs have been played on major US and UK TV, and have been performed on the BBC, ABC, NBC, MTV, Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1.

Ali also has a number of solo albums under the Giorgio Kambons name, including a number one single on the UK rock group Bats, and a number two single on The Bats.

Ali started performing when he was just 14 years old and has performed around the UK ever since.

Ali was one of only a few albanese singers in his time who could sing well and have the ability to write music that could be heard everywhere, and was one the biggest names in the country at the time.

Ali grew up in an albanas family that also included two sisters.

His father, a well known singer, started playing alban music when he had just finished high school, and Ali started learning the music at age 13.

Ali then studied at the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (RAMA), and was a member of the Royal Chamber Orchestra (RCO).

Ali continued to study albanic music after his time in the Royal Orchestra.

He later studied in the British Army and at the United States Army Academy.

Ali went on to study at the National Theatre of the Republic of Albania and was nominated for a number or songs in a number in a musical, as well as winning a number for his performance in The Sound is Gone.

Ali later won a number on The Sound, and released a number 2 single on his new solo album.

Ali received a BAFTA and a BFI award for best British singer for his work in The Song is Gone, and has also been nominated by the British Academy of Songwriters and Authors for his performances in other television and film productions.

Ali became famous for his singing as a child in his native Albania and is a member to many great alban national and international artists.

Ali and his wife, Giorgi, have three children, and their daughter, Zana, has been born in the United Kingdom.

Ali wrote The Sound Song, which is being released on July 8th, 2018.

Ali will be appearing at the Palladium July 1, 2018 to perform.

The Palladium is located in the centre of London, England, and features two main stages and a large live band.

It is the only venue for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSOC).

Ali is also an ambassador for the Palladio, a charity that provides support to children and families in need in Albania.

The event will be televised live on the RAIO TV channel and RAIO Radio.

Ali won a Grammy Award for Best English Country and RPO.

Ali first made his name in the 1970s and 1980s, releasing albums with the British band Bats and with the RPO, which won the Grammy Award in 1982.

Ali recorded the song The Sound in 1991 and released it in 1994.

It was released in English and Albanian.

Ali released The Sound again in 1999, this time with the band The Battersea Power Station, and this time won the Grammies Best British Country Album for Best Song.

Ali joined The British Academy, the countrys oldest and most prestigious music education body, in 2010.

He also is a director for the Albanian National Film Foundation and a member the National Film Board.

Ali performed with the Irish band The Royal