How to get ‘The Greatest Hits’ on Spotify and Apple Music 2018

More and more music fans are using Spotify to discover music that they love.

Spotify announced a new partnership with Apple Music to stream some of its music from the service and Apple’s new “Greatest Hits” series.

The two companies announced the partnership last week, and now the two streaming services have teamed up on the streaming service to offer users “The Greatest Hit” series of songs.

Spotify will provide the songs and Apple will provide exclusive digital downloads of the songs.

In order to get these digital downloads, Spotify users will have to pay for Spotify Premium, which is $8 per month or $30 a year, respectively.

For example, Spotify Premium users can now stream up to 100 songs and up to 500 tracks at once, while Apple Music Premium users will get up to 200 songs and 200 tracks at a time.

While Spotify is providing the “The Greatest Hits,” Apple is giving the songs away free of charge.

For the first time, Apple is offering the songs to users who also have Spotify Premium.

Apple Music will also allow users to stream a selection of tracks from its popular artists, as well as some tracks from independent artists and artists that have released a few singles or albums.

Apple Music also offers a “Music of the Week” feature that includes music from some of Apple’s most popular musicians.

Apple’s new Music of the week feature is available on both Spotify and iTunes, so if you have Spotify or Apple Music, you should be able to stream the content from these services.

Apple is also offering a new “Spotify for Work” playlist that is meant to help those with work-related restrictions or concerns stream Spotify or other streaming services.