How to sing and dance with Filipino musicians

How to listen to Filipino music?

Here are some tips for singing and dancing with Filipino performers.


Don’t be afraid to speak up.

The Philippines has one of the most vibrant music cultures in the world, with Filipino folk singers, gospel singers and other artists playing a big role in the music scene.

It’s also home to some of the world’s best performing jazz musicians.

The cultural and political situation is a big factor in why Filipinos have such strong musical talent.


Be ready to take risks.

The country’s music scene is highly volatile, with a string of controversial incidents including murder of singer Leal Bonggo and the assassination of legendary entertainer Manny Lidio in recent years.

In the 1990s, the country’s biggest and most celebrated singer, Manny Lida, was gunned down by members of the ruling party, which has been accused of running a drug racket.


Dress conservatively.

In a country where traditional clothing is still frowned upon, a lot of Filipinos wear tight clothes, and some prefer traditional clothing that is made from locally sourced material.

It can be challenging to find a place where you can feel comfortable in the Philippines without compromising your looks.


Don’s not all about music.

He’s also known for his passion for science and technology.

He founded a music studio in his native Philippines in 2014 that has recently attracted the attention of international media.

He recently won a scholarship to the National University of Singapore and is pursuing a Ph.

D. in computer science at the University of Melbourne.


Don and his wife have their own music collection.

They’ve been recording and performing together for more than 30 years, and he has recently released a new album, The Voice of the Philippines, which was nominated for a Best Instrumental Album award at the International Academy of Performing Arts in 2016.


Don is not afraid to tell stories.

He also likes to write and share his stories on social media.

The couple has recorded a film called A Day of Grace, which chronicles the struggles of a Filipino woman who was kidnapped and tortured for being gay and who survived, and they have released several films, including the Oscar-nominated documentary Love Is a Warm Thing.


Don isn’t afraid to share his love of Filipino culture.

“My father is a Catholic, but he does have a good sense of humour, and I am always happy to hear about Filipino culture,” Don said.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the Philippines.

It was the first place I ever came to that I could feel comfortable, because I grew up here.”


Don says he’s not a superstar.

He says he has a good career ahead of him in the film industry.

“It’s very hard to become a star in this country, especially if you’re from the Philippines,” he said.


Don enjoys his Filipino heritage.

“A lot of my music is Filipino, but I’m a big fan of Filipino singers,” he told me.

“For example, I like the Filipino artists who sing for the Filipino people.

I’ve also started to get more and more into Filipino dance and I’ve started to write a lot more music for the Filipinos.

And of course, Filipino culture is very much alive and well in this world.”


Don has a very different take on being Filipino.

“To me, being Filipino is just a thing I do,” he explained.

“When I’m not Filipina, I am Filipino, I’m Filipino.”