How to Sing in The Masked Singers’ Superhero Song: A Video Guide

The masked singers are a group of high school students who are trying to find their way in the world after they accidentally become superheroes.

While their costumes are just a disguise, their ability to make music is quite amazing.

They are the star of the new video for their super-popular Superhero song.

In the video, they perform the song, “You Are My Mask,” for the cameras, but they aren’t wearing masks.

It’s a cool moment.

Here’s how you can get started with the masking process:1.

Find a band with the name of “The Masked Singer.”

The band is not mandatory, but if you don’t see one, then go with a random one.2.

If you don`t have a band name, or you just want to see a video of a masking technique, check out the “Superhero Masking” YouTube channel.3.

Start with the top half of the mask.

Make sure you are at the bottom of the costume.

You want the mask to cover the bottom half of your face.

You don’t want your entire face covered in masks.4.

Next, flip the mask over so the bottom part of the face is facing you.

Now, flip it over so you are facing the top part of your mask.5.

Repeat this process with the other half of mask.6.

Repeat for the other face, but now flip the other mask over.

Then repeat with the face mask.

The masks should be completely covered.7.

Next flip the masks over.

Flip them over, and flip the remaining mask over to face the other side of the group.8.


Make it look as though you are in a room, with the masks completely covering the entire room.9.

Then flip the last mask over, making sure to cover half the room.10.

Repeat with the remaining face.

Keep flipping masks over until you get to the other part of mask and the masks are completely covered with the entire mask.11.

Repeat again for the last face.12.

Repeat all of the steps for each face.13.

Finally, flip over the masks.

Make them as thick as possible and flip them over to the next mask, and so on.