How to tell the difference between a classic Bollywood singer and an 80s Bollywood star: the experts

Bollywood singers are not your typical stars.

They often dress more like actors than the typical Bollywood movie star, and their songs often contain the same themes, but are different.

But some of their greatest songs, such as the iconic ‘Bollywood Sings’ and the iconic songs like ‘Pahal’, are as timeless as they are original.

Here are some of the top Bollywood songs that will have you singing along with the classic songs in no time.


‘Boys, Girls, Girls’ by V.S. Naik (1993) “I have been to the beach, I have been inside the palace, I will be at the beach again” This song is about a man who falls in love with a beautiful woman in a city, but he also has a hard time sleeping with her.

He has a dream that she will come back to his hotel room every night and fall in love again.

He will also be able to watch her in bed with him.


‘Mamu and Marathi’ by Bajrangi Bhaijaan (1994) “You should have the strength to carry my love for you for the rest of your life” “This is one of the best Bollywood love songs.”

The lyrics have been adapted from an Indian film and are about a woman who falls for a man.

She then marries him and has two children with him, who are his servants.


‘I Love You’ by Anupam Kher (1996) “My heart is full of love” The song is one that all Bollywood stars are known for.

It has the title of a Bollywood song and features Bajanji Bhai, who was also one of Bollywood’s most famous actors, including Shah Rukh Khan.

“It is a love song and we wanted to give the song a happy ending,” he told ET. 4.

‘Gandhi’s Prayer’ by Raja Bajwa (1996, 1997) “This song is not a Bishan song, it is not even a Hindi song.

This song will bring you to the gates of heaven.”

This song, which is about Bajwans marriage to a Muslim, has a powerful message about the need for unity.


‘Okaar!’ by Deepika Padukone (1997) “All the love you had when you were with me will not disappear” The lyrics of this song are about Padukones life as a single mother to two children.

“When I was single, I never had a boyfriend.

My life was always filled with love,” she said.


‘Sajan’ by Ranveer Singh (1998) “We are living in a golden age” The theme of the song is that we are living a golden era.

“I would like to thank Ranveera Singh for inspiring me,” she told ET in 2013.


‘Don’t Speak’ by Sajid Butt (1998, 1999) “The only one who has changed my life” This Bollywood-style song is based on the popular novel, ‘A Man Is Born’.

It tells the story of a man whose parents were murdered by the Shahs government.

It is a story about a family whose life is threatened by the government’s decision to kill the family members of a certain leader.


‘Vande Mataram’ by Nitesh Bedi (1999) “He was the best in the world in school” The track, which was performed by Bedi at the Delhi Film Festival, tells the tale of a boy who was born with a rare condition called Vande Matamar.

“This condition is very rare, but the best student in school is him,” Bedi told ET about the song.


‘Catch a Fly’ by Amitabh Bachchan (2000) “Catch the Fly is the most beautiful song in Bollywood” The catchy tune features Bachchan, who has performed at the world’s biggest film festivals, including Cannes, Venice, Berlin, and Tokyo.

“Catching a Fly was one of my favourite songs and I want to share it with my fans,” he said in 2013, adding that the song will have an impact on young Bollywood lovers everywhere.


‘My Love’ by Preeti (2002) “One love can bring you joy, one love can change the world” Preetika is a Bajrani song about love.

She sings about a girl who is separated from her parents and who ends up going to a remote village in northern India.

She later finds love with an Indian man.

“My Love is the song that changed my heart forever,” she added.