India’s biggest music festival gets a big boost after Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign

The Narendra Modi government has launched a massive promotion of the Indian diaspora with a big push to attract talent and create jobs.

The Indian diocese in the US is set to open a programme to boost its Indian artists and writers with a major concert in New York City this month.

The Diocese of Los Angeles announced a two-day festival in November to mark the 100th anniversary of the United States joining the Indian empire in 1776.

It is the first Indian-American festival to be held in the United State since the late 19th century.

The event is part of an effort by the government to boost the Indian-Americans population and boost economic growth.

During a two day festival in New Jersey in October, the diocese held a music festival with Indian artists including the likes of Balu Ghatak, Shruti, Veena Balakrishnan and Prabha Sharma, which is set for the same venue in October.

“The festival will bring together some of the world’s best performing Indian artists,” said Joseph Hetfield, the Diocese’s minister of the arts.

The Diocese is planning a second event in October at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the same location.

The diocese is also planning a concert in October with artists from across India, which will feature the likes.

“We want to encourage young people and young artists to come out and participate in our cultural celebrations,” said Hetfords sister-in-law, Chintana Bose, in a statement.

Bose, who has been part of the diocesan delegation, said the Indian community is a diverse group and the Diocesan Board of Visitors has been inviting members from different communities to participate.

“They are bringing people together.

We want to bring them together and invite them to the diasporic community,” she said.

India’s diocese will host a concert and musical event for the Indian people, which comes in the backdrop of the country’s economic woes and a sharp rise in cases of drug abuse.

It is also celebrating the centenary of the arrival of British colonial rule in India.

Modi has been the chief guest at Indian dioceses for the past five years.

The government has been making efforts to attract Indians and to help the diarists.

Last month, Modi announced plans to invest $50 million in India’s diocese community and another $100 million for the Diarist Association.

On Friday, the government unveiled a plan to help immigrants with visa application process.

It said the government is also working on visa programmes to attract new immigrants to India.