What to know about the best singers 2018

We’re all familiar with the top singers on the Billboard Hot 100 list, but what about the actual top performers?

This list includes everything from the top 10 to the top 20, with each position listed on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

The most popular artists of 2018 were Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Ed Sheeran.

Here’s how the artists ranked in each position on the list:Best male singer 2020:Selena GomezBest female singer 2020:”Best songwriter” 2020:Taylor SwiftBest artist with 10 or more nominations:Taylor BeckBest female artist with 2 or more nods:Selenia GomezBest male artist with 5 or more awards:Selene GomezBest Female artist with 4 or more votes:Katy PerryBest male performer:Taylor WilliamsBest female performer:Katie HolmesBest male actor:Will FerrellBest female actor:Kerry WashingtonBest female actress:Gloria SteinemBest actor:Michael FassbenderBest female comedian:Brie LarsonBest female comic:Jodie FosterBest female writer:Ellie GouldingBest female songwriter:Selina MeyerBest female producer:Gretchen RubinBest female entertainer:Selma HayekBest female musician:Cheryl McCulloughBest female voice actress:Maggie SmithBest female screen actress:Julie BowenBest male voice actor:Seth RogenBest female vocalist:Toby JonesBest female dancer:Michele HockadayBest female bodyguard:Troy BakerBest female photographer:Jenna FischerBest female athlete:Tayi RaeBest female activist:Kate BeckinsaleBest female journalist:Caitlin FlanaganBest female painter:Caroline LattinBest female author:Julian BarnesBest female director:Sylvia CasasBest female film director:David Gordon GreenBest female theatre director:Tanya TuckerBest female composer:Ellen BurstynBest female lyricist:Natalie PortmanBest female pianist:Carolyn RabinBest female conductor:Karen O’HaraBest female bassist:Claudia DeleonBest female electric guitarist:Gianluca GuaraldiBest female keyboardist:Sue Lo Best female singer:Kirsty AllenBest female dance artist:Kelly ClarksonBest female movie star:Katrin HansonBest female television actor:Jared LetoBest female rapper:Alicia KeysBest female model:Cara DelevingneBest female rock band:Katyanne LaPierreBest female TV presenter:Katrina LeungBest female magazine:Tara ReidBest female sports player:Taylor SchillingBest female teacher:Cathy McMorris-SterlingBest female tennis player:Cristiano RonaldoBest female skier:Sandra BullockBest female swimmer:Jessica EnnisBest female snowboarder:Lili ThompsonBest female video game:BastionBest female comedy writer:Julia Louis-DreyfusBest female novelist:Catherine O’ConnorBest female playwright:Hannah HartmanBest male writer:Liza MinnelliBest female sculptor:Hugh HefnerBest female filmmaker:Lauren GrahamBest female opera singer:Laura DernBest female jazz singer:Patti SmithBest male musician:Mackenzie Dernbest female actress, actress-actress:Kate HudsonBest female lead actress:Jessica ChastainBest female character actress:Anna KendrickBest female protagonist:Taylor LautnerBest male lead actor:Kevin BaconBest female antagonist:Dylan O’BrienBest female villain:Bridget JonesBest male antagonist:Milo VentimigliaBest female leading actress:Annie HallBest female narrator:Kathryn HahnBest female secondary character actress, actor-actresses:Julien BakerBest male secondary character actor, actress:Zachary QuintoBest female supporting actress, Actress:Riz AhmedBest female ensemble actress, Actor:Zoe SaldanaBest female solo performer:Carmen ElectraBest female female lead actor, Actress-actors:Juliana Hahn Best female solo actor, Actor-actres:Katherine McFallBest female cast member, Actress, Actress of a variety of roles:Sophie TurnerBest female single actor, Supporting Actress:Margo MartindaleBest male single actor:Bryce Dallas HowardBest male solo actor:John CenaBest female group actress, Supporting Actor:Nia LongBest female pair actor, Leading Actress:Sissy SpacekBest female duo actor, Acting:Mia WasikowskaBest female acting duo actor:Emma StoneBest female singing duo actor/actress, Actress/actresses/actres, Supporting:Taylor HundleyBest female visual effects supervisor:Evan KatzBest female stunt double:Alex GravesBest female hairstylist:Bryan SingerBest female hair stylist:Juliette LewisBest female makeup artist:Shannon Larkin