Which American singers are making music the best in Latin America?

FourFourtwo’s Latin America desk is looking at the most notable American singers who are making a splash in Latin music.

We’re looking at American-born singers who have released their first solo albums in Latin and are making it to the top of Billboard’s most popular Latin charts.

Here’s our roundup of the top 50.

Luna LaLuna and The Black Lips are the top-selling singers in Latin country music.

The duo is the first solo album by LaLuana and is currently ranked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Latin Country Songs chart.

The album includes the hit song “La Llorona” (from the film La Llorana) and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

The Black Lily is another new album by Luna LaLora, and it was released this month on Amazon and Apple Music.

LaLula is known for her singing voice, which is very distinct and not as easy to imitate as her American counterparts.

Rafael Valdes is one of the most respected Latin-American singers.

Valdes’ debut solo album, The Way It Is, was released in 2016 on Amazon Music and was the No. 3 album in Latin Country Singers Chart last year.

Valdés is a former member of the Latin Grammy-winning band the New Kids on the Block.

Luis Miguel is one the most successful and popular singers in Mexico.

The band members have a history of collaborations with Latin artists, and Miguel has released solo albums as well as collaborations with some of Latin’s biggest stars.

He released his first solo record, The Color of the Night, in 2016.

Miguel has performed as a member of Mexican pop-punk band La La Land and Mexican singer-songwriter Maria, and he also recently collaborated with American singer-performer Miguel the Pharaoh.

Sylvia Vega is one a highly successful and well-known singer in Latin-America.

Vega is currently the most popular singer in Mexico and one of Mexico’s top pop singers.

Vega was a member the Mexican pop group, the Guadalajara Boys and has collaborated with some Latin stars including Enrique Iglesias.

Jose Luis Aguilar is the latest Latin-american superstar to be making waves in the United States.

Aguilar has released four albums of his own, including his most recent, In My Mind.

Aguiler recently teamed up with American pop-rock band Muse and released a collaborative album with American band the Replacements.

Miguel Gonzalez is one American-Mexican singer making waves internationally.

He is the newest member of pop-pop band Muse.

Gomez released his debut album, El Sinaloa, in 2018 and is the most-streamed artist in Mexico at the time.