How Australia’s top-selling singers, 70s country songs and their enduring appeal

The 80s were the heyday of country music in Australia.

We are still coming back from that, but it has given us some of our greatest hits.

Here are five of the greatest country singers of the 90s.


The Cars 1.

Mariah Carey Mariah, best known as Mariah herself, is one of the country’s most famous singers.

In her mid-20s, she made the decision to go into a singing career after losing her virginity.

She is best known for her hit songs “Sweet Caroline”, “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Sweet Little Sixteen”.

Mariah’s career took off during the 1990s, as she recorded hits for artists such as Justin Timberlake, and toured with such acts as The Cars, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Her music has continued to be a hit for decades.

She has appeared on The Simpsons, on BBC Radio 1, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and has won multiple Grammy Awards.

Marias music has been sampled on a number of country albums and her songs are currently being used as a backing track on songs by artists such and Drake.


The Clash 2.

Bob Marley Bob Marly is the most successful of the rock ‘n’ roll legend.

The star of The Clash and Elvis Presley, he rose to prominence during the early 1980s with his hit singles “Wake Up, Country Music”, “Rocking in the Free World” and his hit song “Come on Over”.

Marley won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album in 1992 and his songs have been sampled by a number, including by Drake, Drake, Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

His music has made its way into films, television, TV series, music videos and TV series including the hit series, American Grit.


Elton John Elton is a singer, songwriter and songwriter whose career began when he was just 12 years old.

He first gained notoriety as a teenager playing in the Beatles in their first world tour.

After the tour, he joined the band The Beatles, who played a series of concerts at venues across the US.

He also played with them for a short time before joining The Smiths in 1966.

His success with The Smith, and his success as a songwriter, saw him nominated for an Academy Award in 1969.

In 1974, Elton’s hit song, “One More Saturday Night”, was used in a documentary about his life and work.

He has been featured in films including The Big Short, the movie adaptation of the novel The Man Who Fell to Earth, and the animated film, The Lego Movie.


Dixie Chicks Dixie is a popular country singer and song-writer whose hits include “I Want You Back” and her most recent album, The Dixie Dream.

She started her career in the 1970s with her debut album “Songs of My Life”.

She has since released more than 30 albums and performed at many music festivals across the world.

She received a Grammy nomination for Best Country Vocal Recording in 2018.


The Rolling Stones Dixie and The Rolling Stone.

Dixons debut album, “Buddy Holly and The Dixies”, was released in 1974.

It won Best Pop and Country Album in 1978 and it was nominated for a Grammy in 1979.

Dirla, the founder of the band, said that he loved that album.

He told the BBC: “I was so proud that it was my own record, and I thought that’s a really good example of a great record.”

He said that Dirlas first album, a follow-up, had a lot of soul and he loved it so much that he wanted to put it out again.

The Stones have been performing at festivals around the world for over a decade, including at Coachella in California and Lollapalooza in Chicago.