How to listen to music with your iPhone 6 Plus without using your iPhone’s headphone jack

There are a lot of ways to listen with your iOS device without having to use the headphone jack, but for some users it’s the only way to get great music out of their iPhone 6s Plus.

Here’s how to use a headphone jack to get music out.1.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC2.

Select Settings3.

Select About and then General4.

Under General, select About Device.5.

Select your iPhone6s Plus6.

Select Sound On iPhone 6S Plus, scroll down and select the ‘Sound On’ setting7.

If you see the ‘Sounds’ tab, select it8.

Press and hold the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons simultaneously.9.

Your iPhone will play music on your computer and your Mac will play the music on the Mac.

If the Mac is already playing music, just hit ‘OK’ to cancel it.10.

If your Mac is playing music on an iPod, you can use the Home button to bring up the Apple Music app, and then press and hold down the Home or Home button at the same time to start the music.11.

Select the ‘Start Recording’ option from the ‘Select’ menu.12.

When the Recording tab is active, press and drag the microphone to the left of the track you want to record.

If it’s a recording of your voice, the microphone should pop out of your microphone and into your ear.

If not, you’ll have to repeat this process for each instrument you’re recording.13.

You can also set a delay for the audio track, so that it’s easier to listen at a particular moment in the recording.14.

When you’re finished with your recording, tap the Play button and your music will start playing.