Which celebrities are the most famous in pop culture?

What’s the most-famous song in pop music?

What’s most-memorable moment from a movie or TV show?

Which pop-culture stars have made headlines?

And what are the pop-music icons most famous today?

We polled more than 2,000 pop-star and music-industry insiders for the definitive list.

Here are the top 10 most-popular singers in pop, country, rock, country and jazz.

Here’s what they told us:1.

Lady Gaga — The Born This Way singer, whose songs have been nominated for three Grammys, is the reigning queen of pop music.

Gaga’s most famous single is “Born This Way.”

Her career was fueled by her self-titled debut album in 2011, which sold nearly 20 million copies and spawned hits like “Swimming Pools” and “The Fame.”

But Gaga was also a vocal critic of pop culture in 2016, when she spoke out against Trump.

“I’m sick and tired of people saying ‘It’s not my country anymore.’

It’s not the country I grew up in,” she said.

“If I’m not part of the country, it’s not really my country.”2.

Miley Cyrus — The pop-country star, who also performed at the 2016 Grammys as the star of Miley’s MTV Video Music Awards, is an icon in her own right.

Cyrus is best known for her catchy, raunchy “We Built This City” and for her performance at the Super Bowl.

Cyrus was one of the most popular female celebrities of her generation and one of its most prominent stars.

Her songs include “I Love U,” “I Can’t Stop Feeling It,” “Call Me Maybe,” “We Can’t Be Friends” and the classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”3.

Katy Perry — The 21-year-old pop-rocker is the youngest person to win a Grammy.

Perry has been a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Her hit “Firework” and her music videos have become part of a pop-cultural conversation.

Perry is also the daughter of singer Katy Perry and daughter of country singer Billy Joel.

She’s won five Grammys and a Grammy Award for her album, The Hunger Games.4.

Rihanna — The Queen of Pop, Rihanna’s music has won Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Pop Video, Best R&B Vocal Performance and Best Pop Song.

Rihannas hit singles “One Dance” and “(Bang It) Bang Bang)” have become cultural touchstones for female rappers.

Her debut album, Red, was nominated for five Gramos in 2015.5.

Beyoncé — Beyoncé is the most well-known and successful female artist of her era, with her debut album The Black Album (2012) and a critically acclaimed third album Lemonade (2013).

Her hit songs have become staples in popular culture, including “Lemonade” and many of her TV and film songs.

She also won Grammys for her Grammy Award-winning performance at “The Voice” in 2014 and “Formation” in 2015 and has also received praise for her role in the movie Black Panther.6.

Lady Antebellum — Lady Antecedents second album, Lady Anteels, was released in 1989 and has sold more than 5 million copies.

The band made its debut with a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Rolling Stones” and released two albums, and also collaborated with artists like Elton John, Prince and Elton’s wife, Barbra Streisand.7.

Katy Clarkson — Clarkson’s hit single “Roar” has been the top-selling single in the U.S. since it was released on June 24, 2013.

It has been nominated four times for an Academy Award, and has been certified gold.

Clarkson, who is also a co-owner of the Grammy Awards, has performed at Grammys across the years.8.

Taylor Swift — The Swift sisters’ second album is the first to feature “I Kissed a Girl” as the lead single.

The pop superstar was a vocal proponent of the 2016 presidential election, and her song “I Feel it Coming” won a Grammy for Best Country Song in 2015 for Best Rock Song.9.

Justin Bieber — Bieber has been at the forefront of pop-punk and indie rock since his breakout 2010 single “Baby” and his 2009 debut, Purpose.

The singer, who has since released five albums, has received multiple Grammy nominations for his hits “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Shake It Off” and “#1” and has become a popular artist in his own right, with millions of followers on social media.10.

Justin Timberlake — Timberlake has been an icon since the early 2000s with his distinctive style of dance music, and his signature “I can’t stop feeling it” song became a smash hit in 2014.

The Canadian singer is the eldest son of singer