Why white women should stop wearing masks

Female singers in the world of male-dominated pop music are a minority in the field, but the white women who make up the world’s most popular female singers are not.

The women who play on male-owned labels have an incredibly rich and diverse musical history.

But while there are female singers of color on their roster, there are no white female singers.

According to Pitchfork, the only female-led pop group is New York City-based group The Notorious B.I.G.’s The Bachelorette.

Female singers of colour are also far less common on the indie and independent music scene.

That’s not surprising, since indie and indie rock bands are far less likely to feature women in their lineup.

In 2016, the Recording Academy released the “Black Female Musicians,” a list of music industry talent, and a few years later, the organization’s annual Diversity Report found that the number of black female performers dropped from 9.5% of the talent pool in 2011 to 6.8% in 2018.

That means a mere 3.2% of female artists in the U.S. are female.

The 2017-2018 Diversity Report also found that more than one-third of all the artists in 2018 were black.

While it’s important to recognize the diversity of women in the music industry, this is still a problem.

The problem is not limited to female singers, but also extends to the male artists who make their way into the industry.

“There are a lot of white dudes making music, but I think there are a ton of black dudes making it too,” singer and musician Zayn Malik told Pitchfork.

Malik’s group, The Misfits, is the latest act to come under fire for its female-centric lineup.

The group debuted on the 2016-2017 Billboard Hot 100 album chart with their single “Fantasy,” which has since gone platinum.

Malik told Billboard that the group is trying to do better.

“We’ve been doing a lot more self-promotion and a lot less publicity, but that’s what you do,” he said.

“And we have a really great fanbase.”

While Malik says the group was trying to “self-promote” by focusing on “our own self-esteem,” he noted that many of his fellow musicians are also in the same boat.

“The only reason we’re doing that is because we are,” he explained.

“Because we want to be recognized and we’re trying to make people feel good about our own art.”

Malik told Rolling Stone that the Misfittles are still looking for new artists to take their music to the next level.

“I’m really excited about getting to do more things,” he told Rolling.

“But right now, we’re just trying to figure out what to do next.”

When Malik first came out to the world, he told Billboard, “I was just doing it for myself, but when I started getting into other things, I started trying to be like a pop star, but it didn’t work.

It didn’t translate into the mainstream.

And then I realized I wanted to be a musician.

I was going to make music if I had to, but then I saw all the people who made it work.”

As for Malik, he says he’s not interested in becoming a pop singer.

“It’s not what I’m into,” he admitted.

“If you’re into that, you can find other things to do.

But I’m not into that.”