How to find the best male British singer

British male singer David Broom, who is from Manchester, England, was recently named the UK’s most successful male British voice artist.

Broom has made the list every year since 2009.

The BBC says that he has recorded more than 5,000 songs and is one of the most successful solo artists in British music.

He is also the second-most successful male vocalist, after the Britpop singer Jamie Cullum, with more than 1,300 songs.

In 2010, Broom made the BBC Top 100 and was awarded a Grammy award for Best British Vocal Album.

He has also won three British and one European Emmy awards.

Broo is currently touring with a string of new singles, including “Sugar,” which was released on January 30.

The video for “Sugared Up” was created by British actor Simon Pegg.

The song was written and produced by Broom and is featured in the video.

Brooms album, “Daughter,” was released in 2014 and is a combination of his two earlier albums, “In Love With You” and “Soulfire.”

The album also features guest appearances by David Bowie and Nick Cave.

The title track from “Daughters” was featured on the band’s 2011 album “Black Star.”

“Dawn of a New Age” is the second single from Brooms album “Succeed,” which debuted at #9 on the British singles chart in June.

The album was certified platinum in the U.K. and the U,S.


Broos second solo album, 2013’s “Dew” was nominated for two Grammys.

The track is an instrumental that features vocals by Brooms brother, Daniel, who performed on the video for the song.

The record earned Broom the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Broomy’s solo album “Till I Rise” was released last month.

The single is a collaboration between Broom with producer and songwriter Matthew Koma and is produced by the British singer.

The music video features Broom in a white lab coat and lab coat with a lab coat on his face, as well as a labcoat, lab coat, labcoat and labcoat.

“Til I Rise,” which features Brooms first solo single “Tall” was certified gold in the UK and the UK Grammys in February.

The group has been nominated for several Grammy Awards including the Best British Pop Vocal Performance for “Dance Me To The Dance.”

Broom also released a video for his song “Babysitter” in 2014.

“Babs” features Broos brother, Danny, as a boy growing up in a family of Scottish and English immigrants in Glasgow, Scotland.

The clip, which was featured in “Tight” and is also featured on Broom’s 2014 single “Love,” was directed by British director, James White.

“Love” won the Brit Awards for Best Video and Best British Rock Video.

Brooman’s new single “Laughing At Your Face” was included on the album “Came Home” which features the song “Sick of the World.”

The track was written by Broo with producer James Gavron and features vocals from the band.

“Laughter” was also featured in his single “The Song” on the 2013 album “All About Love.”

Brooms third solo album was released earlier this year.

“The Love Story,” which featured the song titled “Singing For The Future,” is produced and produced for the British musician by Mark Turturro and features vocal performances by Broos sister, Laura.

“Saying Goodbye” features vocal contributions from Broo’s brother, Matt, as an adult and was produced by Mark White.

Brooes second solo record, 2014’s “Love Songs” was the second album released for Broom.

The songs “Love Me Like A Man” and the title track was both recorded and produced in London, England.

“Wedding Day” features a number of vocal performances from Brooms sister, Claire, who sings the song and Broom performs on the track.

“Marry Me,” produced by Daniel Broom for the band, is a love song about a man who leaves a woman to raise their children alone.

Brooom’s third solo record “Love Like A Lover” was announced in 2014 as a collaborative album with British singer and producer Dave Epp.

The three songs are the second collaboration of the two brothers.

“Rough Love” features vocals on “Love’s Gone” by the group The Lonely Island and is recorded in London and recorded in Birmingham, England and produced and recorded by Brooom and Epp, who also contributed to the production.

“I’ll Be Back,” produced for Brooms new album, was released April 14, 2016.

“No One Ever Knows” features the vocals of Broom himself and is written by the two.

“This Is The Love Song”