‘Male’ singers ‘forced’ to sing in front of girls

Male opera singers who are unable to sing with girls in a music festival in New Delhi’s Pune were forced to sing “feminine” tunes in front the girls, a court in the capital has ruled. 

A bench of the Delhi High Court, however, has found that the women did not have to sing the songs with any female accompaniment. 

The court had on February 26 sought details from the Delhi government on the matter, after a petition by a woman seeking to have the women’s performances of “Men, Women and Children” banned at the festival, also known as the Bharat Diwas, which is held every year in the city. 

In its interim order, the court also said the Delhi Government should take up the matter with the State government. 

Earlier, the women who brought the petition have said the men did not get the right to choose which songs to perform. 

“It is a sad fact that we are being asked to sing songs that are very similar to songs sung by the men in other countries,” they had told the court.

The Delhi High court said the complaint against the women was “unfounded”. 

“The women did the same job as the men, but they had to sing different songs,” the court had said. 

On Wednesday, the Delhi high court directed the Delhi Police to ensure the safety of the performers of the “Men in White” festival, which took place on March 9. 

 In a related development, a woman was sentenced to five years in jail for her role in organising the festival. 

  A case was registered under sections 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with “insulting” women.