Which singers deserve a mention in this year’s Polygon Top 100?

We’ve taken a look at some of the most prominent names in music today, and this year, we’re looking at some other people who have a lot of influence on the way we look at music. 

You’ll notice some of these people are a lot younger than their contemporaries, and while it’s possible to pick up on some of their influences and even influence their music, this is not an exhaustive list.

We’re also looking at the impact of artists who have been around for a long time, and some of them may not be recognized at all.

We also looked at what is happening with music today in a post-modern context, so that we can see how the music industry is changing.

If you have a favorite artist, tweet it to us and we’ll add it to the list. 


Justin Timberlake – The Hills (2008) It’s hard to pick just one singer that makes an impact on contemporary pop.

Justin is a big influence on pop culture, and in a world that is so obsessed with pop stars, it’s easy to overlook him when it comes to lists like this one.

Timberlake’s “The Hills” was one of the first songs of a new pop song in 2000, and it’s one of his best-known songs.

It’s an upbeat anthem that’s catchy and catchy, but it’s also one of those songs that doesn’t quite hit the mark when it hits.

The song is catchy and upbeat, but not as catchy as some of his other hits, and at times, the song feels a little like a pop hit with a different beat.

Timberlakes popularity is so high that he’s one to be mentioned more often than any other artist. 


Christina Aguilera – The Search For Everything (2011) The search for Christina Aguilers music, her most recent album, is one of her most important records to date.

It was the first time the singer-songwriter had released a full-length album in her career, and she took a lot from the sound of the early-’00s indie rock era.

The album was one for the ages in terms of both sound and lyrics, with the album having a more poppy sound that’s more of an indie rock vibe.

However, the album’s main influence, and the one that stands out to me the most, is the song “I Believe.”

The song, which has a slightly different vocal melody and a different instrumental, is an anthem that has the power to really change the way people think about her. 


Katy Perry – Blurred Lines (2014) Katy Perry’s “Blurred Lines” was an album that I actually wanted to cover because it was the last album she released before her own solo career.

The music is her most famous song, and I was really looking forward to seeing it. 

However, I did not get the chance to see it in person.

I think the reason that Katy Perry is on this list is because she has a lot more of a cult following now than she ever did before.

I don’t think it’s because of the album, but because Katy Perry was also one to inspire many other people to listen to her music.

I’ve seen her videos for “Blonde,” “Chandelier,” and “Roar,” and it all inspired other people.

Katy had a lot to do with the emergence of a whole new wave of pop music that was inspired by her, and that’s why this list has her on it.

Katy’s influence is evident everywhere on this album, and her song “Roast Yourself” is a song that I think most people would recognize.

It has a great melody, a great chorus, and great lyrics, but the song is just one that I’d say most people don’t really understand.

It just has this really sweet, pop, soulful feel to it, and its one that Katy is still doing well with. 


Carrie Underwood – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (2003) When Carrie Underwoods album In the Air Over the Seas was released, it was one that was completely different from anything else out there at the time.

Carrie is the kind of singer that is able to make music that has a huge impact on people, and Underwoods songs can definitely do that.

However when I first heard the song, I immediately thought of “Love Shack,” because that song is one that would be the most likely to make you feel a lot better about life. 


Ariana Grande – The Louvre (2015) Ariana Grande has been one of my favorite artists of all time.

I have never seen a pop star with so many hits and hits of a variety of different genres, and Ariana’s music is something that I’ve always wanted to see pop music like, and now she’s finally getting it.

Grande’s “Louvre” is the best pop song of all-