Women singer to perform at the UN, UN officials announce: Female blues singer will perform at United Nations, officials say

SAN FRANCISCO — The International Women’s Day Concert Series is bringing some of the best female blues musicians from around the world together for a show of unity, with the women singer to play.

The United Nations announced Friday it is bringing the first ever UN Women Day Concert in its history to San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

It’s one of more than a dozen concerts scheduled this year by the UN to mark the anniversary of the United Nations.

More than 70 women singers, singers, dancers, musicians and singers of various nationalities and ethnicities will perform a mix of blues, gospel, pop, pop-rock and traditional African and Caribbean music, the UN said.

The event will be open to all UN staff and volunteers, but organizers say all are welcome to attend.

The UN said the concert series will also bring together women activists and scholars, as well as other international and local organizations, such as the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Britain.