"Stage Fright" 12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It!

posted 2013 Jun by Barbara Lewis

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What Information Will You Find In This Stage Fright E-Guide? 
Setting The Stage
a.What is Stage Fright? 
b. What Are You Feeling? 
c. Try This Exercise 
d. Helpful Tip 
e. Personal Note 
 The Practical
1. Are you really ready? 
2. Have you tested the shallower waters? 
3. Do you have purpose? 
4. Are you continually developing your voice? 
5. Are you using your power of visualization? 
Six Soul-healing Techniques 
6. Quiet Time 
7. Breathing 
8. Movement (Of your energy, that is.) 
9. Imagining (A little more mystical.) 
10. “Secret Recipe” from the actor, Bill Murray 
11. Connection 
And Finally 
12. Take a new path 
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A Garden of Music and Ideas 2

posted 2011 Aug by Barbara Lewis



Barbara Lewis vocal coachHello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting my store.

I love flowers. I take a lot of pictures around my home in Canada.
Flowers make me feel good. I also love music. My life has been filled with music and song.
Especially music that lifts my spirits and makes me soar. 

My hope with this store is to bring to you a collection of carefully chosen items that will, each in their own way, bring something of unique and uplifting to your life. 

Please take some time to look around. Be in touch with me with your questions about my choices. And come back often. I will continue to add new discoveries and new creations to this Barbara Lewis Music store. You can reach me at: [email protected]

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Dolphin Dream

posted 2013 May by Barbara Lewis

Once in a Blue Moon and Dolphin Dream - Barbara Lewis


Dolphin Dreams & Hara's Quest

People often ask me, incredulously, where on earth do I get ideas for songs. After all, they note, the lyrics and tunes usually are not about relationships, like many of the hits we hear on radio today. Nor are they about typical kinds of loss, though there is certainly emotional pain in some of my music.
     When I begin to create a song, I usually have a movie-like drama playing in my head. I see a person or several people living through a dramatic event; the beginning of a journey, a startling moment of discovery, a haunting encounter with a stranger. The characters are fictional but the events they experience have a powerful effect on me. I feel the passion of their discoveries. 
     Sometimes drama develops from a real-life event. When the story of Hara's Quest was born, I was with my husband on Captiva Island, Florida. 
     We were alone at sundown on a long stretch of white sandy beach. It was hot, even for a summer evening on Captiva Island - around 95 degrees. The humid air shimmered with heat. We watched transfixed as a Great Blue Heron, tall and slender, strode down the sand to stand just a foot away from us. It turned and looked gravely out to sea. We followed its gaze and saw several dolphins glide in close to shore. The ocean water was still, like a quiet lake. The dolphins' eyes were bright. 
     The animals watched us. We watched them. The Great Blue stood by like a sentinel or a gallant interpreter of our close encounter. I felt as though time stood still. When the meeting ended and we once again were walking down the beach alone, the name "Hara" drifted into my mind. I knew then this woman would be the subject of my next group of songs: that she would take a long journey out to sea, and that dolphins would play a pivotal role in her life. I knew too that her journey would teach me a great deal. 
     Of course, moving from this magical moment to the completed group ofHara's Quest songs took a number of steps and many months. (See the Hara story in Hara's Quest.) But the event on the beach fueled my passion to guide Hara through an ocean journey. 

Songwriting Tips and Tricks - Songwriting that takes you into yourself.

     Song writing has given me the chance to explore some of the most intriguing questions about who we are and where we are going. I have written about what it might feel like to be guided to the past by dolphins; how long-hidden memories can surface during a deep-body massage (view video); how difficult it is to remain true to oneself and one's dreams; what the first humans may have heard when they began their long march to the future.

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More about the Hara's Quest  journey and Dolphin Dreams...


posted 2012 Dec by Barbara Lewis


Barbara Lewis 2012

Thank you for stopping by my gift shop for singers! I am honored that you are here!

I hope you will take a little time to search around the shop and have a look at the kinds of unique gift items that I am offering. These "gifts" are created especially for the hopeful singer-to-be (at any age!), or for the vocalist who already is in motion but who needs a extra boost, or some very specific help with negotiating either his/her voice or career.

What kinds of items can you consider? Here are 4 of my best sellers plus my more recent addition to the shop for those singers who suffer from stage fright. If you have a friend or a family member who has this problem and does not sing very much because he/she is so nervous, what better gift than this?:

STAGE FRIGHT! - 12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It - Especially for Singers (PDF File) - "In looking at what people were reading on my Web site, I realized that many singers were drawn to the articles about how to deal with stage fright. So I decided that I would write something much more comprehensive about this problem that affects many, if not most vocalists." 

GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM! - is an easy-start singing kit that contains an 18-page Guide and a 20-minute Vocal Warm Up that I know will offer the right kind of emotional lift to guide a beginner smoothly into the world of singing. (The 20 minute warm up is fun and breezy and it ends with a beautiful sing-along song.)

ALL ABOUT YOUR VOICE! - CONSULTATIONS -   "ASK BARBARA!" For those singers who do not want to take a lesson, here is an opportunity to simply ask Barbara questions about your singing and/or your that will help in your vocal development or help you to solve an ongoing problem. 

HALF HOUR INTRO LESSON - I offer one half-hour lesson at the special price of $25.00 as an introduction to Skype singing lessons. This offer is valid only for a "first" Skype lesson so that prospective students can see how a lesson works with Skype. This is a good value for those singers who may not be sure about taking a lesson by skype. They can take this easy "trial run" at the process.

-  TRIO LESSON SPECIAL - PACKAGE OF 3 - 30/minute lessons by video (using Skype) 
Are you looking for a unique gift for someone with singing talent who may have a good voice that just needs a bit of tweaking? Maybe you are encouraging a loved one to prepare for an audition or a talent contest. This package of 3 - 1/2 hour lessons might just give him or her the right kick-start!

And there are many more powerful gifts to give to a singer. Please take some time to look around. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to be in touch with me here: 

                                                                 [email protected]

To give your GIFT, simply purchase the item in the Gift Store as though it was for you and then send me an e-mail to let me know who the gift is for, plus an e-mail address so that I can be in touch with them at the appropriate time. Happy Gift Giving!

My best,
Barbara Lewis

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas - Love you like a song...

posted 2012 Apr by Barbara Lewis

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are very special days for those who are deeply committed to one another's happiness and well-being.

I was married for 28 amazing years. (My husband died of a heart attack in 2004). We had a wonderful marriage. In large part because he paid such close attention to days and times when he could show his love for me. 

I know. 
That is usually the woman's job. I was very fortunate. I learned from him over the years how to  do small but meaningful things, frequently, that would keep our relationship fresh and growing. He also taught me a lot about generosity of spirit. And how important it was that each of us encourage the other to continue to live our dreams - however we could manage it. 

So in offering you some 10 Year Anniversary gift ideas, I am keeping in mind the importance of the creative arts in our lives. 

Studies show that one of the arts that brings the greatest happiness into a person's life is singing.  And my whole life has revolved around singing, performing and teaching others to sing. So I look to this activity as a way for you to bring happiness to your precious spouse.

Does your husband or wife have a dream of singing? 

If he or she has not explored that dream yet, here's a gift that will launch them into the world of singing with a lively E-Guide called,  Get Started On Your Dream! The info-rich E-guide (PDF file) also includes a sound file (MP3) that allows him or her to start singing RIGHT NOW! - with some simple vocal exercises. The warm up ends with a beautiful, quick-to-learn sing-along song. Easy to download, this E-Guide and warm up tape is not expensive, but carries a huge presence as a one of those truly unique 10 year anniversary gift ideas.

how-to-sing-Barbara-LewisWANT TO TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER?
If you would like to encourage your loved-one in a different way, here's an exciting and very modern entry into developing your voice. A gift with the personal touch: Online Singing Lessons. 
I have given a lot of online singing lessons. And while the idea can seem rather techie-oriented,
I am no technology geek, as you can see on the left! 

BUT I do know that with some pretty simple computer tools, your loved one can be in my studio and I can see and hear her or him at your home as we explore how the voice works and develops. It's the latest thing for lessons of all kinds. (Look below for a few comments from current and past students).

My online singing lesson package includes 3 half-hour lessons. Why 3? Because with one lesson, a singer is just getting to know me and I am just beginning to understand his/her voice. The first lesson is a fun get-to-know you. The second lesson is always a revelation. And the third has its own dynamic. Read more detail about each lesson in the
Trio package Of Online Lessons.

Unique 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas are rare. Your loved one may have quite another art that s/he would love to begin. But if it is singing, I'm here and ready!

My best to you in your marriage. 
My you love long and well.
Barbara Lewis
P.S. My current mate is a great supporter of my dreams, as well. He loves what I do. I consider myself very fortunate.

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"Because of your singing advice, my voice has reached a whole new level. I am more confident and can now successfully sing three parts, without any breaks in my voice. I have over 11 different vocal coaches` programs, from Per Bristow, Seth Riggs, Anne Peckham. But my most favorite is you. You`re not just a coach, but more like my wise distant aunt..."
 Tafadzwa Gubwe - singer, songwriter

"You have inspired so much growth and confidence. I just can't wait to keep progressing with your coaching!" -  Zandrea Duchesneau, singer/pianist

"Our experience with Barbara has been beyond amazing. Her approach with Ember has been a thrill to watch. We loved going to the lessons and watching Ember learn and respond to Barbara's wealth of knowledge."  - The Reed Family (About 9-year old Ember Reed.)

"Barbara's vocal teachings head straight to the heart. Although her vast technical knowledge and ability is impressive, it is her role as a mystical navigator that brought me to the place that I had been seeking vocally." Valerey J. Lavergne, jazz singer/writer

How To Overcome Stage Fright - 12 powerful tools to help you beat it!

posted 2012 Mar by Barbara Lewis


How To Overcome Stage Fright  - 12 powerful tools to help you beat it! 

Overcoming Stage Fright - Barbara Lewis

Hello Fellow Singers,

Today, I added my new Guide to the Barbara Lewis Gift shop. It is called, 

12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It!
Especially for Singers 

I recently noticed that the two short articles I had written about Stage Fright on my Web site
were the most highly visited pages on the singing tips site! So I knew that this was an issue that people would be interested in reading about in greater depth.

My Stage Fright Guide is a 35-page PDF file (easily downloadable) -  filled with ideas, tips, personal experiences and secrets about many ways that singers (and speakers) can prepare themselves better  to perform for a live audience.

In my experience as a singer and teacher for over 30 years, I have witnessed that many good singers simply do not perform very much because they suffer from varying degrees of stage fright. They think that feeling this kind of nervousness means that they are not meant to perform. Not true.

As you will read in my guide, some of the feelings associated with stage fright are simply the body getting ready to do a pretty wonderful piece of work - send deep feeling out to an audience on waves of sound! For most singers, it can take some serious nervous energy to make that happen! 

We singers need to understand better what we are feeling and why we are feeling it... how to get rid of some of the real despair - how to handle some of the adrenaline-rush... and then get out there and perform with greater joy!

overcoming stage fright - barbara lewisI hope you will enjoy STAGE FRIGHT  12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It! Especially for Singers 

I created it to be an easy-to-read guide that offers tips that you can try right now, in order to bolster your courage for your next performance opportunity.

I hope you will get out there and sing!
My best to you,


P.S. An interesting anecdote: I was watching a great documentary on the reggae singer, Bob Marley recently. His manager had a very unique antidote to stage fright: He suggested that the band (The Wailers) overcome fear of performance by singing in a graveyard at 2am. After doing that, he felt that they  would be very happy to sing for any number of living humans!  

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Unique Holiday Gifts For A Singer-To-Be!

posted 2011 Oct by Barbara Lewis


I meet a lot of people in my line of work: both as a singer and as a vocal coach. I am always amazed at the numbers of
people who tell me that they dream of singing. We all dream of doing things that we never get around to. And the fact is that we do have to choose carefully the kinds of activities we are going to pursue - because there is only so much time. Some dreams must be put on hold. And many of them will easily fall away from consciousness. 

But some dreams persist, even though we are not actively working on them. One day, we hear about someone starting to take lessons or we get a gentle nudge from a friend - and voila! we get over the doubt-hump and decide to take action.

It is for a time like this, that I created "Get Started On Your Dream!" - an easy-start singing kit that contains an 18-page Guide and a 20-minute Vocal Warm Up that I know will offer the right kind of emotional lift to lead a beginner smoothly into the world of singing. (The 20 minute warm up is fun and breezy and it ends with a beautiful sing-along song.)

I see "Get Started On Your Dream!" as the right boost at the right time -  kind of gift to give to a spouse, a friend, a lover, a business associate. I created it especially for the enjoyment of a singer who is over forty. It is my joy to serve that group of people. But younger singers will also enjoy this gift.

Gift-shop-logo-smIf you know someone who needs a little boost (Maybe you?) - please have a look at Get Started On Your Dream - Info Page. This link gives you information about the Guide and a video introduction. 

I wish you great singing!



posted 2011 Aug by Barbara Lewis


To make it easier for you, our wonderful customers, we have added in the cost of shipping and handling to the price of the item. This way, you will not be surprised by a higher price at the end of the buying process.

- Shipping is the actual cost we pay to the post office.
is the envelope or packaging that we must buy and use for your item's safest delivery. We do not make money on this part of the selling process. And we do our best to stay up to date both of these charges.

We send the physical items only to customers in the United States and Canada. Although we are happy to speak individually with those of you in any other country - and arrange to send you the item, too! Send an e-mail here: [email protected].com


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