I meet a lot of people in my line of work: both as a singer and as a vocal coach. I am always amazed at the numbers of
people who tell me that they dream of singing. We all dream of doing things that we never get around to. And the fact is that we do have to choose carefully the kinds of activities we are going to pursue - because there is only so much time. Some dreams must be put on hold. And many of them will easily fall away from consciousness. 

But some dreams persist, even though we are not actively working on them. One day, we hear about someone starting to take lessons or we get a gentle nudge from a friend - and voila! we get over the doubt-hump and decide to take action.

It is for a time like this, that I created "Get Started On Your Dream!" - an easy-start singing kit that contains an 18-page Guide and a 20-minute Vocal Warm Up that I know will offer the right kind of emotional lift to lead a beginner smoothly into the world of singing. (The 20 minute warm up is fun and breezy and it ends with a beautiful sing-along song.)

I see "Get Started On Your Dream!" as the right boost at the right time -  kind of gift to give to a spouse, a friend, a lover, a business associate. I created it especially for the enjoyment of a singer who is over forty. It is my joy to serve that group of people. But younger singers will also enjoy this gift.

Gift-shop-logo-smIf you know someone who needs a little boost (Maybe you?) - please have a look at Get Started On Your Dream - Info Page. This link gives you information about the Guide and a video introduction. 

I wish you great singing!