How To Overcome Stage Fright  - 12 powerful tools to help you beat it! 

Overcoming Stage Fright - Barbara Lewis

Hello Fellow Singers,

Today, I added my new Guide to the Barbara Lewis Gift shop. It is called, 

12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It!
Especially for Singers 

I recently noticed that the two short articles I had written about Stage Fright on my Web site
were the most highly visited pages on the singing tips site! So I knew that this was an issue that people would be interested in reading about in greater depth.

My Stage Fright Guide is a 35-page PDF file (easily downloadable) -  filled with ideas, tips, personal experiences and secrets about many ways that singers (and speakers) can prepare themselves better  to perform for a live audience.

In my experience as a singer and teacher for over 30 years, I have witnessed that many good singers simply do not perform very much because they suffer from varying degrees of stage fright. They think that feeling this kind of nervousness means that they are not meant to perform. Not true.

As you will read in my guide, some of the feelings associated with stage fright are simply the body getting ready to do a pretty wonderful piece of work - send deep feeling out to an audience on waves of sound! For most singers, it can take some serious nervous energy to make that happen! 

We singers need to understand better what we are feeling and why we are feeling it... how to get rid of some of the real despair - how to handle some of the adrenaline-rush... and then get out there and perform with greater joy!

overcoming stage fright - barbara lewisI hope you will enjoy STAGE FRIGHT  12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It! Especially for Singers 

I created it to be an easy-to-read guide that offers tips that you can try right now, in order to bolster your courage for your next performance opportunity.

I hope you will get out there and sing!
My best to you,


P.S. An interesting anecdote: I was watching a great documentary on the reggae singer, Bob Marley recently. His manager had a very unique antidote to stage fright: He suggested that the band (The Wailers) overcome fear of performance by singing in a graveyard at 2am. After doing that, he felt that they  would be very happy to sing for any number of living humans!  

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