10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are very special days for those who are deeply committed to one another's happiness and well-being.

I was married for 28 amazing years. (My husband died of a heart attack in 2004). We had a wonderful marriage. In large part because he paid such close attention to days and times when he could show his love for me. 

I know. 
That is usually the woman's job. I was very fortunate. I learned from him over the years how to  do small but meaningful things, frequently, that would keep our relationship fresh and growing. He also taught me a lot about generosity of spirit. And how important it was that each of us encourage the other to continue to live our dreams - however we could manage it. 

So in offering you some 10 Year Anniversary gift ideas, I am keeping in mind the importance of the creative arts in our lives. 

Studies show that one of the arts that brings the greatest happiness into a person's life is singing.  And my whole life has revolved around singing, performing and teaching others to sing. So I look to this activity as a way for you to bring happiness to your precious spouse.

Does your husband or wife have a dream of singing? 

If he or she has not explored that dream yet, here's a gift that will launch them into the world of singing with a lively E-Guide called,  Get Started On Your Dream! The info-rich E-guide (PDF file) also includes a sound file (MP3) that allows him or her to start singing RIGHT NOW! - with some simple vocal exercises. The warm up ends with a beautiful, quick-to-learn sing-along song. Easy to download, this E-Guide and warm up tape is not expensive, but carries a huge presence as a one of those truly unique 10 year anniversary gift ideas.

how-to-sing-Barbara-LewisWANT TO TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER?
If you would like to encourage your loved-one in a different way, here's an exciting and very modern entry into developing your voice. A gift with the personal touch: Online Singing Lessons. 
I have given a lot of online singing lessons. And while the idea can seem rather techie-oriented,
I am no technology geek, as you can see on the left! 

BUT I do know that with some pretty simple computer tools, your loved one can be in my studio and I can see and hear her or him at your home as we explore how the voice works and develops. It's the latest thing for lessons of all kinds. (Look below for a few comments from current and past students).

My online singing lesson package includes 3 half-hour lessons. Why 3? Because with one lesson, a singer is just getting to know me and I am just beginning to understand his/her voice. The first lesson is a fun get-to-know you. The second lesson is always a revelation. And the third has its own dynamic. Read more detail about each lesson in the
Trio package Of Online Lessons.

Unique 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas are rare. Your loved one may have quite another art that s/he would love to begin. But if it is singing, I'm here and ready!

My best to you in your marriage. 
My you love long and well.
Barbara Lewis
P.S. My current mate is a great supporter of my dreams, as well. He loves what I do. I consider myself very fortunate.

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"Because of your singing advice, my voice has reached a whole new level. I am more confident and can now successfully sing three parts, without any breaks in my voice. I have over 11 different vocal coaches` programs, from Per Bristow, Seth Riggs, Anne Peckham. But my most favorite is you. You`re not just a coach, but more like my wise distant aunt..."
 Tafadzwa Gubwe - singer, songwriter

"You have inspired so much growth and confidence. I just can't wait to keep progressing with your coaching!" -  Zandrea Duchesneau, singer/pianist

"Our experience with Barbara has been beyond amazing. Her approach with Ember has been a thrill to watch. We loved going to the lessons and watching Ember learn and respond to Barbara's wealth of knowledge."  - The Reed Family (About 9-year old Ember Reed.)

"Barbara's vocal teachings head straight to the heart. Although her vast technical knowledge and ability is impressive, it is her role as a mystical navigator that brought me to the place that I had been seeking vocally." Valerey J. Lavergne, jazz singer/writer