Barbara Lewis 2012

Thank you for stopping by my gift shop for singers! I am honored that you are here!

I hope you will take a little time to search around the shop and have a look at the kinds of unique gift items that I am offering. These "gifts" are created especially for the hopeful singer-to-be (at any age!), or for the vocalist who already is in motion but who needs a extra boost, or some very specific help with negotiating either his/her voice or career.

What kinds of items can you consider? Here are 4 of my best sellers plus my more recent addition to the shop for those singers who suffer from stage fright. If you have a friend or a family member who has this problem and does not sing very much because he/she is so nervous, what better gift than this?:

STAGE FRIGHT! - 12 Powerful Tools to Help You Beat It - Especially for Singers (PDF File) - "In looking at what people were reading on my Web site, I realized that many singers were drawn to the articles about how to deal with stage fright. So I decided that I would write something much more comprehensive about this problem that affects many, if not most vocalists." 

GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM! - is an easy-start singing kit that contains an 18-page Guide and a 20-minute Vocal Warm Up that I know will offer the right kind of emotional lift to guide a beginner smoothly into the world of singing. (The 20 minute warm up is fun and breezy and it ends with a beautiful sing-along song.)

ALL ABOUT YOUR VOICE! - CONSULTATIONS -   "ASK BARBARA!" For those singers who do not want to take a lesson, here is an opportunity to simply ask Barbara questions about your singing and/or your that will help in your vocal development or help you to solve an ongoing problem. 

HALF HOUR INTRO LESSON - I offer one half-hour lesson at the special price of $25.00 as an introduction to Skype singing lessons. This offer is valid only for a "first" Skype lesson so that prospective students can see how a lesson works with Skype. This is a good value for those singers who may not be sure about taking a lesson by skype. They can take this easy "trial run" at the process.

-  TRIO LESSON SPECIAL - PACKAGE OF 3 - 30/minute lessons by video (using Skype) 
Are you looking for a unique gift for someone with singing talent who may have a good voice that just needs a bit of tweaking? Maybe you are encouraging a loved one to prepare for an audition or a talent contest. This package of 3 - 1/2 hour lessons might just give him or her the right kick-start!

And there are many more powerful gifts to give to a singer. Please take some time to look around. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to be in touch with me here: 

                                                                 [email protected]

To give your GIFT, simply purchase the item in the Gift Store as though it was for you and then send me an e-mail to let me know who the gift is for, plus an e-mail address so that I can be in touch with them at the appropriate time. Happy Gift Giving!

My best,
Barbara Lewis