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What Information Will You Find In This Stage Fright E-Guide? 
Setting The Stage
a.What is Stage Fright? 
b. What Are You Feeling? 
c. Try This Exercise 
d. Helpful Tip 
e. Personal Note 
 The Practical
1. Are you really ready? 
2. Have you tested the shallower waters? 
3. Do you have purpose? 
4. Are you continually developing your voice? 
5. Are you using your power of visualization? 
Six Soul-healing Techniques 
6. Quiet Time 
7. Breathing 
8. Movement (Of your energy, that is.) 
9. Imagining (A little more mystical.) 
10. “Secret Recipe” from the actor, Bill Murray 
11. Connection 
And Finally 
12. Take a new path 
(books, videos, web pages)