"Suzanne" by the late, Leonard Cohen

by Barbara Lewis on September 16, 2017

Hello and Welcome!
For the past 2 years, I have been singing many songs by Leonard Cohen. His music is loved the world over, so it was not difficult to find songs that resonate with many people.
Of all the songs that I sing (aside from Hallelujah!), Suzanne has become a clear favourite. I was often asked after concerts if I had a recording of this song.
Now you can purchase a high quality MP3 here!

I decided to record it as an MP3 rather than on a CD for those who would like to have this special song in their IPOD or computer collection.

PLEASE NOTE! My 8 instrumentalists and I recorded 2 versions of the song. Both are very different. You can listen to them here! 

I hope you enjoy them.
Thank you for your purchase!

My best to you,