Sing With Me - 20-minute Vocal Warm up (with PDF guide file) $4.99 (U.S,)

Sing With Me - 20-minute Vocal Warm up (with PDF guide file) $4.99 (U.S,)

barbara lewisSING WITH ME - only $4.99!

1. 20-minute Vocal Warm Up Track (MP3) 
2. PDF file that gives you helpful information about the Warm Up and lyrics to the sing-along song. 

This (downloadable) MP3 called "SING WITH ME!" contains a 15-minute series of very simple vocal exercises and demonstrations that the aspiring beginner singer can sing-along with as a further incentive to "get out there and sing!" The MP3 ends with a song that you can sing-along with so that you can put your new found vocal awareness to the test! 

Listen to a SAMPLE of this MP3 sound file.

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GIFT ITEM! If you purchase this item as a gift: After you have purchased the product, you will receive download information in an e-mail to forward to your giftee. Then if you wish, you can send me an e-mail here: [email protected] I will send a personal welcome message to your giftee and let them know that they can be in touch with me if they have any questions.

The "Sing With Me" MP3 can also be purchased with an 18-page E-Guide (PDF file) that offers support, encouragement & inspiration to a singer who is just starting out... Read more about it here -Get Started On Your Dream!
$4.99 USD
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