"Special Project" Package of 5 Lessons

"Special Project" Package of 5 Lessons

Barbara with mic The "Special Project" package of 5 - 30/minute lessons by video (using Skype)

(Lessons are usually $35 per half hour. This special offers each lesson of 30 minutes for only $25. A great value!)

I created this Special Project package for singers who want to complete a specific task in singing. 
- work on several songs for an audition 
- improve how you sing your parts in a choral work
- strengthen your upper or lower range
- learn a song from scratch for an upcoming concert
- continue to work on material that you started with the Trio Package (3 lessons)

There are many more possibilities. The idea is that we (you and I) will have 5 sessions to devote to just this one project. This kind of plan helps you to really focus on completing one singing task that is of vital importance to you. Lessons can be scheduled as needed - close together or far apart. But the 5 lessons must be used within a 3-month period from when you purchased them.

Red and blue ribbon giftIS THIS A GIFT? 
You can also purchase a  gift certificate for this item. 

If you purchase this item as a gift: After you have purchased the Trio Package, send me an e-mail: [email protected] I will send a personal welcome message to your giftee and ask him/her to be in touch with me to set up the lessons.

Voice Student Testimonies:
"Because of your singing advice, my voice has reached a whole new level. I am more confident and can now successfully sing three parts, without any breaks in my voice. I have over 11 different vocal coaches` programs, from Per Bristow, Seth Riggs, Anne Peckham. But my most favorite, you. You`re not just a coach, more like my wise distant aunt..."
 Tafadzwa Gubwe - singer, songwriter

"Barbara's vocal teachings head straight to the heart. Although her vast technical knowledge and ability is impressive, it is her role as a mystical navigator that brought me to the place that I had been seeking vocally." Valerey J. Lavergne, jazz singer/writer

"You have inspired so much growth and confidence. I just can't wait to keep progressing with your coaching!" -  Zandrea Duchesneau, singer/pianist

"Our experience with Barbara has been beyond amazing. Her approach with Ember has been a thrill to watch. We loved going to the lessons and watching Ember learn and respond to Barbara's wealth of knowledge."  - The Reed Family (About 9-year old Ember Reed.)
$125.00 USD
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