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My hope with this gift shop is to introduce you to some unique items and opportunities.

Please take some time to look around. Be in touch with me with your questions about my choices. And come back often. I will continue to add new discoveries and new creations to this Barbara Lewis Music store, week to week.

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--------------A Few Words About My Musical Life---------------

BARBARA LEWIS is a singer, songwriter, teacher & writer who has a long-standing interest in finding ways to live a healthier & happier life. Some of her original music explores these themes.

Barbara has produced and/or co-produced several of her own original-music CDs as well as two television-quality music videos which play regularly on Bravo TV and Classical Arts Showcase. View Barbara’s best-selling song, “Lullaby for a deep sleep” as a music video.

As a performer, Lewis is known for original one-woman shows that blend great vulnerability and passion with comic verve. Her music expresses time-honored yearnings: searching for freedom, ways to keep purpose and meaning in our lives, embracing life’s mysteries and staying true to your heart’s desires. 

As a long-time vocal coach, Lewis has worked with a wide variety of singers from celebrities and professional vocalists to highly gifted children and those with special needs (autism, learning disabilities etc…) She has written extensively for students and teachers of voice about the art of singing. And she has given numerous talks and workshops on the business of singing. To consult with Barbara about singing or to take an online voice  lesson – read more here.

Barbara founded and directs a Web site called, Singing-Tips-With-Barbara-Lewis.com. She specializes in teaching older singers who are returning to singing, and those who are just starting out.  Read Singing After Forty!

For Barbara's fuller history and to listen to music and view video read the Barbaralewis.com biography.