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Words & Music By Barbara Lewis11 songs - 49 minutes - Solo voice with 10 back-up musicians. Insert contains full lyrics and other information.

Watch high-quality VIDEO (often played on PBS) of two songs from this CD - "Body" and "Lullaby for a Deep Sleep" on You Tube. 

"The songs on this imaginative CD are like threads that weave together to form a story of fantasy and spiritual discovery." - New Life Magazine, New York

The 11 songs on the CD, Quest, trace the healing adventure of woman named Hara, whose long journey to exotic islands in the South Pacific helps her to unlock her natural visionary powers. Hara's Quest is the story of Hara's search for a mysterious island which she believes is her true home.

Barbara Lewis's inspiration for the music on this CD was a magical encounter with dolphins off the coast of Florida. After this experience, Lewis began to write songs about how a woman's life was rejuvenated by an ocean journey that also involved dolphins. The songs on Hara's Quest feature beautiful melodies, inspiring lyrics and empowering storytelling.

"Lewis is a gifted singer, but more importantly, a born communicator." The Gazette, Montreal, Canada

On her long journey to health and discovery, Hara meets with dolphins, friendly spirits, extra-terrestrials, and with other travelers who generously share their wisdom:

"Lullaby for a Deep Sleep," one the best-loved songs on the CD, is a healing song sung to Hara by a woman who recognizes her need to let go of her hurtful past and move on with her life.

In the song, "Dolphin Dream," Hara is guided by dolphins on an underwater journey to ancient times. This deeply soothing song features the exotic sound of a "rain-stick."

"Barbara is a woman with a special voice...and her recordings are made with a strong personal touch. On her latest CD (Hara's Quest), 11 songs describe a ...deep and fantastic journey...Great energy...special sensitivity and emotional rhythm." Amazings Reviews, Spain

During her travels, Hara visits the city of Jakarta. She is drawn to a Wellness Spa where she experiences a deep-healing body massage that helps her to recover her lost sense of purpose. The sensuous song, "Body," on the CD tells about Hara's life-changing experience at the Wellness Spa.

Other songs include the joyful, up-tempo "Mandala;" "Cities," a hypnotic song about traveling by sea in search of home; and "Vision," the visionary story of Hara's meeting with an extra-terrestrial whose words point her in a new direction along her journey.

"Hara's Quest is a beautifully conceived, ambitious work that stretches the boundaries of the New Age with its originality and maturity." New Life Magazine, New York

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