"Sing a Love Song For Your Love!"

"Sing a Love Song For Your Love!"


Our featured product this month is the "Sing A LOVE Song For Your Love!" package, which offers you online singing lessons with expert vocal coach, Barbara Lewis, at the very reasonable price of
$79.99 U.S.

The "Sing A LOVE Song For Your Love!" package is 3 online singing lessons that will ease you into preparing and singing the song you have chosen. Not sure what to sing? Let's talk about it. I will suggest a song for you that will suit both your voice and the occasion. (Need more info about how online singing lessons work. Click that link. But come back after!)


Each of the three sessions is carefully crafted to help you be at your personal best by the end of the 3rd lesson. This does not mean that you will suddenly become a professional singer! But with a little work and enthusiasm on your part - (and you WILL be excited about this rare gift you are giving) - you will sing with heart and soul to the great delight of your loved one.

Lesson 1 - We discuss your needs. You sing a little bit for me so that I can help you find the right song for you voice (if you do not have a song already chosen). You print both the sheet music and lyrics from the internet. (I will give you directions.) We begin the process of learning the song together. I give you some ideas to think about and some exercises to work on until our next lesson.

Lesson 2 - We work through the song little by little so that you understand how make the song your own. You sing it for me. We find ways to improve it in terms of breathing, tuning, emotional expression... 

Lesson 3 - We continue the work together. You sing it for me. I tape you singing it. We listen together and discuss where you feel confident and where you need more work. We finalize your approach to the song. And you plan the day you will sing the song to THRILL your loved one. 

Red Heart and FlowerVALENTINE'S DAY TREAT!
This package makes a fabulous
Valentine´s Day gift for your beloved!

$79.99 USD
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