SINGING AFTER FORTY? - "Get Started On Your Dream!" 18-page E-Guide plus 20-minute Vocal Warm Up ($9.00)
SINGING AFTER FORTY? - "Get Started On Your Dream!" 18-page E-Guide plus 20-minute Vocal Warm Up ($9.00)

SINGING AFTER FORTY? - "Get Started On Your Dream!" 18-page E-Guide plus 20-minute Vocal Warm Up ($9.00)

An 18-page Guide (PDF file) titled, "Get Started On Your Dream!" plus

A 20-minute singing warm-up MP3, titled, "Sing With Me."

Here is a 2-minute SAMPLE demo of the “Sing With Me” Warm-Up: SING-WITH-ME-DEMO 


 The report and the MP3 file will be delivered to your chosen e-mail address, after you order.

PDf and mp3 player The E-Guide Report - (Print out the PDF file or read it online to take advantage of all the links to online resources.)
If you know someone (yourself, perhaps?) who has always wanted to sing, but just could not find the energy, courage or opportunity to do so, give him or her this report as a wonderful gift - a gentle, but firm push in the right direction.

 The Vocal Warm Up Track -  (This is an MP3 file. Download and listen to it on your MP3 player or just listen online.) 

The accompanying (downloadable) MP3 called, "SING WITH ME!" contains a 15-minute series of very simple vocal exercises and demonstrations that the aspiring beginner singer can sing-along with as a further incentive to "get out there and sing!" The MP3 ends with a song so that you can put your new found vocal awareness to the test.

"Get Started On Your Dream" is only $9.00 (U.S.) -  to be affordable as a first step into the remarkable world of singing.

Testimonials from students:

"Because of your singing advice, my voice has reached a whole new level. I am more confident and can now successfully sing three parts, without any breaks in my voice. I have over 11 different vocal coaches` programs, from Per Bristow, Seth Riggs, Anne Peckham. But my most favorite, you. You`re not just a coach, more like my wise distant aunt..." Tafadzwa Gubwe - singer, songwriter

"Barbara's vocal teachings head straight to the heart. Although her vast technical knowledge and ability is impressive, it is her role as a mystical navigator that brought me to the place that I had been seeking vocally." Valerey J. Lavergne, jazz singer/writer

"You have inspired so much growth and confidence. I just can't wait to keep progressing with your coaching!" -  Zandrea Duchesneau, singer/pianist

"Our experience with Barbara has been beyond amazing. Her approach with Ember has been a thrill to watch. We loved going to the lessons and watching Ember learn and respond to Barbara's wealth of knowledge."  - The Reed Family (About 9-year old Ember Reed.)

GIFITEM? If you purchase this item as a gift: 

After you have purchased the product, you will receive download information in an e-mail to forward to your giftee. Then if you wish, you can send me an e-mail here: [email protected] I will send a personal welcome message to your giftee and let them know that they can be in touch with me if they have any questions.

$9.00 USD
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